Can anyone suggest why my conifer has gone brown, i have 2 trees, this one has developed brown patches, there are some green leaves underneath on some of the branches, but not a happy tree. Think back to the early days of your treasured evergreen tree. It you see dead needles on pine trees, take the time to figure out the cause. In many cases where these plants are at ones front door the sun will never hit the back side of the plant. Two of my potted conifers have turned brown from the middle - the tips of each branch are still lovely and green but if I part the branches, the inside of the tree looks almost dead. Also known as Cypress canker, it is caused by a Seiridium fungus (usually S.cardinale), and is often a swift and deadly disease to a range of Conifers, Junipers and Pencil pines. Yew (OK not a true conifer) is probably the best at regeneration, Thuja usually OK, Leylandii no chance, and there's dozens of other types of hedging conifer too. Start by noting the season and which part of the tree is affected. If the base of your hedge, whether it’s evergreen or not, is looking unhealthy or not coming into bud yet, it may have been damaged by salt and/or anti-freeze. Is this likely to affect my other tree, or is it just dry? This time of year, Rolling Green Nursery often hears concerns from customers that their newly planted Chamaecyparis (false cypress) trees or shrubs are dying. Conifer die‐back seems to be running rampant again! Should I cut the green away and let the sun get to the brown bits - it would spoil the shape of the tree. With meticulous care, you watched the tree thrive–sprouting emerald-green needles from the bottom all the way to the tippy-top. Whole branches are now brown and when I went to cut them off I found that there are a lot more brown parts inside too. I was going to suggest conifer aphid as one possibility It is also possible that you did damage the roots - such damage can take quite a long time to show. Salt damage on trees often shows up as leaves turning brown from the lowest branches working upwards. What Causes an Evergreen Tree to Die or Turn Brown. When evergreen trees are stressed, they are not shy about showing symptoms. Pine trees are evergreen, so you don’t expect to see dead, brown needles. In order to properly treat your tree, you must first identify what is stressing it. It is planted in the front garden and has been steadily, but slowly growing taller. Most conifers, plants that have needle like foliage, need plenty of sun to perform well. The top looks v. healthy but it has been going brown at the bottom. I live in Aberdeen, east coast. The interior of the plants can turn orange or brown giving the appearance that the plant is in decline. Years later, those older bottom branches become a target for disease and insects. i can find non evidence of beasts on the branches. The plant usually starts to yellow and then turn brown on the back side. They are in a large pot and have been ok for about 2 years. Irrespective of the reason, I *think* it's unlikely that the conifers will re-green where they are currently brown, but hopefully someone will come on and contradict me Evergreen trees turning brown from the bottom up are unsightly. The most common sign that your evergreen tree is stressed and potentially dying is the browning of a section or the entirety of the tree. The disease affects the B19GRR 1,980 posts The browning I noticed in late July on my Eastern red cedar in the front yard (Juniperus virginiana) is suddenly showing up as gold or rusty-brown or a progression from one to the other on many other conifer species.The Eastern white pines (Pinus strobus), above, with their long needles, are always the most dramatic, turning what looks like mostly gold at first. The same goes for roadside trees, especially if they are young or recently planted. If this is the case, you will need to move the plants farther out from the house. I have a small conifer, approx 5ft tall, about 8-10 yrs old.
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