Description ; Reviews … Argentea Marginata 3L 4.20 Ilex aquif. Ideal coastal windbreak in milder climates. 18L 100-125cm. Contact Us: Clarenbridge Garden Centre. Buy from £16.99 at the RHS Plants Shop. Euonymus … Dunnes Garden Centre is a family run business which was established in 1978. Quantity. C 25L. I asked for help from a lady on your staff, and between us we found everything on my list. Griselinia littoralis 'Dixon's Cream' hedge (Variegated New Zealand Privet) description. Becomes a small, round-headed tree if left untrimmed. Golden King 3L 4.20 Ilex aquif. 30cm p.a. Whenuapai is a selection with a more upright habit and darker glossy green foliage than the species. 15.90: Apple Cox’s OrangePippin: 10L: Half Std. Euonymus White Spire 5l . 00 More info. 'Heavenly Blue' 3L 25-30cm3 brks 3/m² 28 - Berberis thunbergii 'Red … 363 Griselinia littoralis 10L 490 Griselinia littoralis 7.5L 1547 Griselinia littoralis 3L 1777 Griselinia littoralis 2L 3202 Griselinia littoralis 4L 132 Griselinia lucida 7.5L 1584 Hakonechloa macra 2L 23 Hakonechloa macra 'Aureola' 3L 1 Hamamelis int. Instant Hedge/Fence $200.00. An attractive and popular clonal form of G. littoralis with broad, glossy, deep-green leaves. Apple Bramley Seedling: 10L: Half Std. 10L. Tel: 01428 741655 Fax: 01428 741638. e-mail: . Griselinia littoralis. Ideal for hedging, … 15.90: Apple Golden Delicious: 45L: 12-14 Std. 'Variegata' is an upright evergreen shrub with leathery, bright green ovate leaves to 10cm in length, irregularly margined with creamy-white. Height 4m. We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. With oval apple green leaves that always look good Griselinia is … Sun. Get involved. Griselinia is a fast growing evergreen shrub that grows really well locally and has the benefit of being tolerant of salty winds and spray making it a go to plant for costal areas. A must-plant hedge for any garden that needs a … Frost. Buy Now. It does well when trimmed to shape and quickly establishes a mature hedge. BUY . This is a good species to choose … read more → Griselinia Hedging 20L. We produce and supply an extensive range of Trees, Hedging, Conifers, Shrubs, Perennials, Alpines and Roses.Our Aim at all times is to have the largest range of stock possible, at the most competitive prices. read more → Griselinia Hedging 1L. Photinia Red Robin 5l . C 47L. Grow in light, well-drained fertile soil with protection from cold drying winds. Friable Free … Griselinia littoralis hedge plants have lovely, soft, green foliage which is oval-shaped and glossy. Griselinia littoralis 10L 16.99 Hebe franciscana Blue Gem 3L 3.35 Hebe Mrs Winder 3L 3.35 Hebe salicifolia 3L 3.35 Hebe Wiri Mist 3L 3.35 Hedera canar. In stock. Extremely tolerant of windy, coastal and exposed sites. Out of stock - Call for details. Upright habit, very hardy. £55. Select … Orange Beauty 20L 100-125cm 9 £55.00 Hamamelis Jelena 20L 100-125cm 1 £85.00 Hebe 'Autumn Glory' 2L 30 £5.00 Hebe Blue Gem 10L 10 £18.00 Hebe Celebration PBR 2L 7 … Griselinia Littoralis. A low maintenance garden hedging species griselinia littoralis, sometimes known as New Zealand privet, will flourish in mild conditions and especially in a sunny, well-drained site. Griselinia littoralis 'Whenuapai' Plant Details. We produce and supply an extensive range of Trees, Hedging, Conifers, Shrubs, Perennials, Alpines and Roses.Our Aim at all times is to have the largest range of stock possible, at the most competitive prices. 00 More info. New Zealand Privet hedging. 100 Griselinia littoralis Variegata 10L £10.00 spring 28 Hydrangea arborea Petiolaris 10L £10.00 150 Hydrangea arborescens Annabelle 10L £10.00 50 Hypericum hidcote 10L £10.00 20 Hypericum moserianum 10L £10.00 120 Melianthus major 10L £10.00 100 Myrtus communis 10L £10.00 spring 90 Myrtus communis Tarentina 10L £10.00 spring 70 Olearia macradonta 10L £10.00 50 Osmanthus … Only 1 left in stock. griselinia littoralis 5l 119 griselinia littoralis 10l 595 hebe great orme 5l 11 hebe midsummer beauty 10l 14 hebe pin. 'Green Rocket' 5L 35-40cm3 brks 3/m² 93 - Cotoneaster franchetii 5L 50-60cm 3/m² 40 - Cotoneaster conspicuus 'Decorus' 5L 35-40cm3 brks 3/m² 5 - Cistus corbariensis 3L 25-30cm3 brks 3/m² 39 - Choisya 'White Dazzler' 10L 70-80cm5 brks 3/m² 13 - Caryopteris clandon. Supplied in a 10L pot at height: 75-80cm approx. Griselinia littoralis 10L 7 £19.00 Griselinia littoralis 7.5L 5 £19.50 Griselinia littoralis 20L 100-125cm 20 £95.00 Hamamelis Arnold Promise 7.5L 4 £40.00 Hamamelis Arnold's Promise 20L 100-125cm 1 £85.00. Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. … Griselinia Green Horizon 10l . Gloire de Marengo 3L 3.75 **** VARIEGATED CLIMBING IVY Hedera colch. Griselinia littoralis Zealand Broadleaf. Griselinia littoralis. General Shrubs. pagei 5l 228 hebe rakaiensis 5l 211 hebe rakaiensis 10l 480 hebe red edge 5l 11 hebe sutherlandii 10l 600 hebe sutherlandii 5l 155 hebe wiri cloud 10l 245 hebe wiri cloud 5l 129 hebe wiri image 5l 128 hebe wiri image 10l 271 hebe wiri joy 10l 37 hedera green ripple 5l 249 hemerocallis … Tolerant of salt spray . 10L £ 29.50. Categories: Evergreen Trees - Page 2, Potted Christmas Trees Tags: blue spruce, blue spruce tree, christmas tree, Clarenbridge Online Garden Centre, conifer trees for sale online, conifers ireland, garden centre galway, living christmas tree, picea pugens glauca, Picea Pungens Super Blue, spruce tree, Trees Ireland. Buy Now. ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei Evergreen shrub with small silver fragrant flowers in autumnLarge rounded shrub. Griselinia littoralis 'Variegata' (v) New Zealand broadleaf 'Variegata' Buy from £16.99 at the RHS Plants Shop. Available in a 3L … read more → 25x Griselinia Hedging 2L. 75.50: Apple James Grieve: 10L 25L £ 74.50. Feuilles ovales, coriaces. BUY . Category: Choice Shrubs. J.C. van Tol 3L 4.20 **** SINGLE … Cet arbrisseau, à la croissance rapide, à la végétation touffue, atteint 6 m de hauteur pour une largeur de 4 m. Feuillage persistant, vert pomme. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Griselinia Littoralis. Height to 3m, spread to 2m 39 units in stock £ 35. 5L £ 24.50. Plant Information Planting & … No Reserve. Griselinia Bantry Bay 10l Griselinia littoralis 5l Griselinia littoralis Variegata 5l Hanging basket black rattan 45cm Hebe fran. Excellent shelter. Résistant aux embruns. For planter bag sizing please go here. Category: Choice Shrubs. Exposition au … General Shrubs. It is ideal for revegetation of wetlands and riparian areas and is ud riparian areas and is usefuful for damp landscaping areas. 50 … Carpenteria californica Find out more. Corokia Hedging 40 Cm Tall X 2 Plants Start price. Add to cart. Average watering. Most popular uses for Griselinia littoralis 'Dixon's Cream' hedges . ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei Evergreen shrub with small silver fragrant flowers in autumn. and it is easy to trim so it's a great low maintenance evergreen hedging plant (though all hedges need maintenance!). Griselinia littoralis hedging (New Zealand Privet) description. General Shrubs. “A fantastic nursery; I wanted some plants and trees for my garden nd drew up a list of what I was looking for. Water. Buy Now. Heuchera Marmalade 2L Heuchera Obsidian 9cm Heuchera Paris 9cm Hibiscus … This is an ideal choice for seaside locations, as the hardy foliage can tolerate harsh weather conditions. Buy Plants Online / Garden Hedging / Griselinia littoralis ‘Broadway Mint ’ Drainage Dry / Moist; Sunlight Full Sun / Partial Shade; Origin NZ Native; Winter Foliage Evergreen; Flower Colour ; Foliage Colour ; Griselinia littoralis 'Broadway Mint' Kapuka / Broadleaf . 'Pallida' 15L 206 Hebe 'Black Beauty' 2L 483 Hebe 'Champagne' 5L 1041 Hebe 'Champagne' 2L 426 Hebe 'Champion' 2L 3 Hebe 'Charming White' 7.5L … Prunus Lusitanica 100-120cm rootballed . Only 2 left in stock. 10L £ 29.50. Ideal for hedging and for coastal areas. Join now. Pousse dans un sol normal, même calcaire. Out of stock - Click to be notified. Plant Variety: Griselinia; Height: 2 - 3m; Width: 2 - 3m; Foliage: Evergreen; Sunlight: Full Sun/Part Shade; Climate: Hardy; Coastal Tolerance: Suitable; Griselinia 'Whenuapai' hedge 1m high. griselinia littoralis 3l 30/40cm £ 3.75 griselinia littoralis 7.5l 100cm £ 13.50 hamamelis arnold promise 5l £ 10.75 hamamelis diane 5l £ 10.75 hamamelis 'jelena' 5l £ 10.75 hamamelis mollis 5l £ 10.75 hebe blue gem 5l £ 8.00 hebe mette 2l £ 3.55 hebe mette 5l £ 8.50 hedera gloire de marengo 3l £ 3.50 heuchera marmalade 3l £ 3.65 heuchera midnight rose 3l £ 3.65 heucherella sweet tea 2l £ 3.65 … 37 - Griselinia littoralis 10L 80-90cm 0.375Ctr 49 - Euonymus jap. Griselinia Littoralis XLarge Supplied in 20 Litre pots. Ideal for hedging. Drainage Dry / Moist; Sunlight Full Sun / Partial Shade; Origin NZ Native; Winter Foliage Evergreen; Flower Colour ; Foliage Colour ; Griselinia littoralis. £10.95. Ferox Argentea 3L 4.20 Ilex x alta. Buy Now. 5 units in stock £ 80. Clipped for a formal look or left a little bushy for a more natural looking … A recent introduction of the fast growing NZ broadleaf that has glossy, deep green foliage. Size: Clear: Griselinia littoralis 'Green Horizon' quantity. Buxus Sempervirens 50cm 5l . Griselinia is a dense evergreen with soft, glossy apple green leaves on soft green stems. £21.95. Eventual Plant Size. Quick view Canterbury Closes in 7 hours. Supplied in a 10L pot at height: 120cm approx. Climbing Rose $50.00. Griselinia Littoralis Broadway Mint Start price. It grgrows into tight clummp 1-2m tall with bright green stems. Frost tolerant. Griselinia prefers full sun and a light, well-drained soil and is very … Griselinia Littoralis 5l . Large rounded shrub. Size: Clear: Griselinia littoralis quantity. Description. Dunnes Garden Centre is a family run business which was established in 1978. Withstands drought … GRISELINIA littoralis 'Green Horizon' An improved form of Griselinia littoralis. Plant height: 150CM approx. Hamamelis int. Quick view Auckland Closing on Saturday, 3 Oct. C 10L. Tel: 01428 741655 Fax: 01428 741638. e … Griselinia littoralis is an excellent tough salt and wind evergreen shrub from New Zealand. pot … Griselinia littoralis. Griselinia littoralis 5/10L £34.00. Griselinia littoralis is one of the most popular native shrubs growing happily from coastal lowlands to alpine regions in both Islands. dentata Variegata 2L 3.75 Ilex aquif. Its growth rate is average at approx. $19.00. Buy Now. Griselinia littoralis ‘Green Horizon’ Zealand Broadleaf. 10L 100-125cm. £130. Typically it will grow approximately 12″ per season and requires little maintenance reaching 8-10 ft within 5 years. not rated € 49.99 € 44.99 Add to cart. £3. Photinia Red Robin 100cm 10l . The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. … GRISELINIA littoralis 'Emerald' Shiny, wide, dark green foliage. Griselinia Hedging 7.5L-10L. It is particularly useful for screening and responds well to clipping. Floraison insignifiante, vert-jaune à la fin du printemps. Buy Now. Shop with confidence on eBay! Quick view Auckland Closing on Saturday, 3 Oct. Griselinia littoralis (New Zealand Privet) Instant Pot Grown Hedging is the ideal garden solution if you are looking for an instant impact at a lower cost than other instant hedging solutions. Kapuka / Kaupuka . Sizing & Pricing. Large pot grown hedging plants available to order today and delivered to anywhere in the UK. Griselinia littorals (New Zealand Privet) is a lovely and colourful evergreen hedging plant that is widely known for its soft, glossy apple green leaves on soft green stems. Griselinia littoralis (Griseline du Littoral) est l'une de ces espèces. PLEASE NOTE: We are located behind the Londis Supermarket in … An excellent, hardy, evergreen shrub from New Zealand with dense apple-green foliage. Sizes Available: 45-60cm 60-90cm 80-100cm. C 10L. Full sun. This hedging plant will provide your garden with colour all year round, it has a really fresh look that will brighten up even the dullest of days. £6.50. £49.95. PRODUCT 9 Griselinea Littoralis 1L $4.45 Wiwi (common name) is a rush of swampy areas throughout New Zealand. Taxus baccata 100-120cm rootballed . With glossy oval foliage that is splashed with creamy yellow, this evergreen is a popular choice. Be Inspired View all inspiration. Viburnum tinus Eve Price 20l . Bridge Centre, Clarenbridge Galway Ireland H91 NTP0 (091) 776492. not ... White Cedar. Hydrangea quercifolia Snow Queen AGM Find out more. Rustique jusqu'à -10°C. read more → Privet Hedging (Ligustrum Ovalifolium) £9.95. Suits most soils in a sunnyposition. Plant Information Planting & Pruning Advice Request A Bespoke Quote. PRODUCT 10 Juncus Gregiflorus 60 cell $1.20 1L $2.85 1.5L $3.85 2L $4.25 A divaricating shrub … read more → Griselinia Hedging 5L. From £4.49. It is suited to coastal areas (in the south) or inland sites and makes an attractive feature. Cotoneaster microphyllus Find out more. From £64.99. C 10L £35.00; C 25L £92.00; C 47L £156.00; Final Height: 3m Final Spread: 1.5m. Griselinia littoralis; Griselinia littoralis Common name: New Zealand Broadleaf. read … Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia 140-160cm rootballed . Euonymus Kathy 5l . read more → Griselinia Littoralis – Variegated. Product image indicative only and subject to availability. Taxus baccata 120-140cm rootballed . Soil. Suits most soils in a sunny position... 16 units in … This is one of the best plants for coastal … One of the most popular hedging shrubs with large, glossy leathery green leaves. varigata 10l Hebe Mette 10l Hebe Mette 5l Hebe wiri mist 5l Helleborus mixed 5l Hemerocallis Stella de Oro 5l Heuchera Black sea 1.5l Heuchera Lime Marmalade 9cm Heuchera Marmalade 1l. Camellia Bobs Tinsie Find out more. Due to its evergreen nature, Griselinia hedging offers year-round privacy screening, whilst providing shelter from noise pollution and winds. Dense leafy evergreen shrub with shiny green leaves. these are some of our larger hedging shrubs and we would suggest planting at 2′ to 2’6″ centres. read more → Box Buxus 1m Trough Instant Hedge. Griselinia littoralis 5/10L Not available You might also be interested in… General Shrubs. Evergreen. The plants have a moderate growth rate of around 30cm per year in reasonable soil – so a Griselinia hedge sits in a sweet spot where it will cover within a reasonable timescale while still being easy to maintain when full size is reached. Eventual Plant Size. Buy Plants Online / Garden Hedging / Griselinia littoralis. The broad glossyevergreen leaves are a darker green, and the habit is morebush ... 269 units in stock £ 10. Griselinia are upright evergreen shrubs with simple, ovate leaves and tiny yellow-green flowers, male and female on separate plants. Griselinia littoralis hedging plants will fill out quickly when you start to trim them and are suitable for hedges from 1-5 metres in height. Follow … Description.
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