Chief Producer. the child actress and child actor are awesome.. Log in with either your Library Card Number or EZ Login. While he was the Fist of Khonshu, he was given ancient Egyptian weapons by the followers of Khonshu. Wol was born as Heo Yeon Woo, the daughter of a noble family who won the love of the crown prince, Hwon. In fact, I am already addicted to it!!! She tried to separate their fate. [CDATA[ . rowena Aug 18 2012 10:11 am I really love this drama ! when i first read the synopsis i wasnt really into it but since i like the actors and historical dramas i general i thought, well give it a shot. Instead of revealing his identity, the Crown Prince tells Yeon-Woo that he is eunuch and is attempting to leave the palace to visit his brother. Moonknight is currently living with his girlfriend, Marlene, who complains frequently about Moon Knight's disorder. Unfortunately in 1982, with issue #15 and onwards, Marvel was forced to withdraw Moon Knight's ongoing comic series from newsagent distribution and instead relied solely on direct market purchase. elle~ Apr 26 2016 9:24 pm Rima Jul 22 2017 10:38 am pure yet wise figure, just that i think she kinda lacks in her emotions. And that makes her quite a dull character and boring to watch. Later in a press conference Norman Osborn tells reporters about the Thunderbolts' success in eliminating Moon Knight while Iron Man condemns his team on the death of the vigilante. lorh~i've been waiting since yesterday and didn't know it has been postpone TT TT, momo2012 Mar 08 2012 7:02 pm myxalive Feb 08 2012 3:04 am Took me a while to accept the older version of Scholar Heo. Per Harald Feb 27 2015 6:29 pm Hyung Sun was already crying out of worry and the physician looked dismayed at Hwon's pulse. Oh Kyung Hoon. They were able to show more the after life of the two leads leaving happily .. trully one of the best historical kdrama i've watched :), Arif Se. In the world of Earth X, Marc's deaths and resurrections resulted in him becoming increasingly disfigured and more death-like in appearance. The Moon That Embraces The Sun 1.Bölüm İzle dizilost. This drama is a masterpiece. It has also been noted by several people that Moon Knight possesses an extraordinary degree of pain tolerance and has casually ignored debilitating wounds and major injuries to keep fighting. The Moon That Embraces The Sun E20.END.120315.HDTV.H264.450p-OMG OMGosh... i really can't wait for ep 7 now... bt really kudos to the child actors, they were gr8t... i really cried during ep 5 n 6... awww... nway i can't wait for the Adult scenes... Fighting TMoonTEmbracesTSun!!! Fed up with the CIA, Marc went independent and became a fierce soldier of fortune, renowned for his willingness to do anything providing the job paid well enough. Kim Soo Hyun (aka Sam Dong) is such a revelation! Even though this was my second time, I cried so much. He is suspicious of the clarity, but it feels real enough for now. Fantastic and indeed an absorbing drama! I was stunned by KYJ. any Comic Vine content. Love to all the casts, especially Kim Soo Hyun❤. Nomhel Nov 01 2012 7:50 pm Omo! Also, they play their roles as kings so so well. Anniejuzz Jan 25 2012 5:19 am As the heroes and the Hand ninjas fight each other, Jake takes a white cowl and joins to the brawl. Great! He created a new personality, Ronin, in order to infiltrate Kingpin's organization and get closer to him. I don't feel any "kilig" between the two. I just hate it when stuff like this happens but oh well, more dramas will come in the future. In the middle of the fight with Spider-Man, Iron Fist and Shang-Chi, he was impaled by Elektra, but not before impaling a moon blade in her head when she was about to kill Black Cat. This is due to a strike by news reporter at MBC where "The Moon Embracing The Sun" airs. With a warrant out for his arrest the, C.S.A. Interesting political interactions, action, investigation (rare) I feel like the prince is very pitiful and he needs something by his side. Driven by revenge over what Randall had done to Marlene, Jake agrees to kill Randall in Khonshu's name. Both are too good. Marc made a new deal to save Anubis' wife Anput from the Overvoid in exchange for the return of Crawley's soul and passage back to Khonshu. The story is so touching and the cast are awesome! Kim Soo-hyun is so adorable. The two main actors were both excellent in their acting. as long she portray her character amazingly. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Follow "To a rich person, one yang might seem insignificant, but to a poor person, that one yang means everything.The king is that one yang, precious to all, and especially to those who have … Frenchie then shoots a large net from the Mooncopter to catch the flock, neutralizing it. Those actors were great in that drama. I love the drama and enjoy each and every moment watching it. Actors are awesome, the setting of the location great, costume and era of its time beautiful. nisa Apr 17 2016 8:26 am The 2 different groups (young kids vs. older kids) don't look anything like each other (yes, because in real life they aren't related to each other, so they won't look like each other). OMG..THE KIDS ARE SO GOOD IN ACTING! It's regretful that I haven't watched this before. Jessica Cindy Calista Oct 08 2015 1:03 pm Lovd d drama no matter wat others are saying all the actors and child counterparts were amazing so glad bought d dvd compilation I don't think I wud ave survived waiting. On Earth X, most of Moon Knight's origin is identical to mainstream version save for the fact that Khonshu has no direct interaction with him. i love this drama and watch drama just becuse of jung il woo.all of the actor and actress in this drama are soo hyun is faild.his voice is very very you oppa ilwoo fighting. Another Marvel Legends Moon Knight figure was released by Hasbro as a Walgreens exclusive. i hope this drama has a very happy ending.. I much prefer bittersweet memories to … Even though Moon Knight has utilized a wide variety of weapons throughout his career, his most widely utilized and best known are his crescent darts. I am looking forward of this. After Marc's latest resurrection, his reputation had taken a nose dive and so Khonshu decided to ensure that his Knight of Vengeance was firmly back in the saddle; nudging the Committee, bringing back Marlene at a critical moment, even arranging for Marc's wealth to be restored while reminding him who and what he is; Khonshu's Knight of Vengeance and bades him to go forth and do his work in Khonshu's name once more. Calling himself "Mr Knight" and wearing a white suit and mask, Marc now works with Detective Flint's Freak Beat to investigate Weird Crimes. usually i skip some episodes when i watch dramas, but not this time. Comment Nov 12 2017 6:20 am moon embracing ther sun is the best tv shows or movie to me for 2012 i wish i can see the cast especially kim soo hyun,jung ll woo,song jae rim in personal:). happyskates Feb 10 2012 11:21 pm Hope to see another good show and congrats to all cast. This was one of my first few saeguk dramas that i watched so it left a very good impression for me. When a more direct approach is needed Marc discards the Mr. Knight persona and instead will use the Moon Knight one with a new updated light armor. there are so many saeguks that deserve better praises than this one. Thewanshi Wijekoon Jun 29 2015 6:44 am I think this drama got a big hit because of kim you jung and the handsome childhood characters for yeom, woon, lee hwon, and even yangmyung. i think the story is similar with The Great Queen Seon Deok, which has two moons (two princess) too, which one kicked out from the palace and the other one (always) died haha.. and also the good man (always) die with unfairness, they are Prince Yang Myung (TMTETS) and Bi Dam (TGQSD) the difference is there are so many cute actor in TMTETS :D. dr_acid May 30 2012 11:06 pm Kelvin Mar 17 2012 9:46 am 2021-01-13. More BTB Articles: Upcoming Big Races The Glenn Kegasus Tradition Killer. with the super good actors n actresses. Jake ends up blinding him with two shurikens to the eyes. lengskee Feb 21 2012 8:54 am Nov 05 2016 1:17 am kpoplove Mar 17 2012 2:36 pm a heart breaking drama congratulation to all the cast.well done.perfect love story drama ever.:D. I have a question, I've always been really curious, how old is the young crown prince and his halfbrother? 9-Bravo 2 the children cast! Loved the young characters so much, I couldn't continue when they switched to adults. In this pocket universe where Night Thrasher has become an evil version of Iron Man, Moon Knight was imprisoned along with other heroes until he was freed by the New Warriors. I love the historical dramas. double thumbs up for him. After the War, the Goddess, the good incarnation of Adam Warlock recruited many heroes who are very spiritual, religious have had near-death experiences. they really made us excited as what is to come. Literally one of the best dramas I've watched. Throughout his varied careers as a boxer, marine, commando, and CIA agent, Moon Knight possesses a wide range of skills and abilities including military strategy and tactics, infiltration and stealth techniques, military interrogation and torture techniques, driver evasion techniques, and is a competent pilot who can fly most types of aircrafts. sooo sad that this drama end... Han Ga In good actress, yes older but age doesnt matter! If you compete this drama in 2016 i will still vote for this,, .. No drama Can beat this one.. bluebird Oct 28 2017 6:45 am artyquet Feb 01 2012 1:51 am Moonie Moon Knight has worn a variety of protective raiments over the years. All things put aside, I totally love this drama. Just rewatched it again. !my favourite charactor is jung il woo and han ga in. GOOD JOB to the production of The Moon Embracing the Sun. The best Korean drama. Cast Han Ga In, Kim Soo Hyun, Jung Il Woo and 2 more. Hope to see more drama like this one in the future. © Loving this drama. cte juan Aug 27 2015 3:23 am He helped save the Black Panther from the Kingdom of the Dead and subsequently joined the Marvel Knights, a group of street level superheroes and vigilantes. sara Aug 07 2012 6:38 am She invites him over after they had some time apart, but it was a ruse by the Sun King, an avatar of Ra, looking to get back at Khonshu. the cast was so great! Marlene was there with her father's men and brought Marc to rest near a statue of the moon god, Khonshu. Another hit drama of kim soo hyun along with the sassy girl jeon ji hyun. Veronica Aguilar Oct 24 2018 8:09 pm It is touchable and great drama ever. Goshhh it killed meeee.... why it is over ? I dare say that this may almost be as good as stairway to heaven! } please make it a happy ending. The third Moon Knight series, titled "Marc Spector: Moon Knight" suffered from a succession of different writers with different viewpoints and ideas about the direction of Moon Knight and oftentimes, Moon Knight found himself lost within his own comic with the succession of guest superheroes from Spider-Man and the Punisher, not to mention that the writers were forced to adapt or modify their storylines to match up with the major crossover continuity series such as “The Acts of Vengeance” and “The Infinity War” which culminated in the death of Moon Knight at the end of the series. i've watched the trailer and ep 2 .. don't want to see wol get hurts... :(. Moon Knight was one of the infected heroes that formed the Vi-Locks Prime. But due to political traps and intrigue, Woo falls sick and Hwon believes she's dead. She is one of Wang Yun's dancing servants who used her beauty and charms to turn both of her lovers against one another. Nice drama..was a bit annoyed with the kids characters (very over the top acting) but once it was over, really enjoyed the show. :) This is because unlike most other fighters, Moon Knight prefers not to block or evade an attack or injury if it allows him the opportunity to counterattack his opponent; much like how some boxers will actually court their opponent to attack and trusting in their stamina and ability to take punishment. Using laundered old money, Marc returned to New York with a host of new equipment including an upgraded baton and an automated limousine. I find it weird how they chose han ga in b/c she's so much older than kim soo hyun. Sissy Jun 11 2014 4:03 am The land of Fuyuki City, which possessed the second greatest spiritual power in all Japan, was owned by Rin's ancestor, Nagato Tohsaka; at the behest of the Einzberns, he provided his property as battleground for present and future wars. lol Utterly wonderful drama. though i do not know the ending yet.. This is what we’ve all been waiting for. I must mention Kim Young-Ae, Jang Young-Nam, Jeon Mi-Sun & Jung II-Woo... Korea has many very good actors...they act well even when they play a small part...its very professional...really..All of you made me cry so much and my heart ached like mad, I need time to recover. I really love this romance , I want to see it again I'm going to surger for it on line . Manila ..kudos to you :p, Hana Jul 24 2012 3:45 am espie Feb 25 2012 10:14 pm He worked with William Cross (who later became the villainous Crossfire) and his own brother, Randall Spector. such a good drama! Thanks to his extensive experience in criminal investigations, Moon Knight has also picked up a surprising degree of skill as a detective including how to profile psychopathic behavior and a broad base knowledge of the criminal underworld. the young cast was really good! Oh my lawdie, if Kim Jeong Hoon will join this cast, this drama will be too hot to handle! DA25AK02 I thought that syndrome will become the best drama for 2012, but i guess i will be in favor of this one. My heart really ache for the king. Embracer The actors and actresses are so good . From now on they are my number 1 Korean loveteam.. uy Jun 28 2017 11:52 am age is not an issue... congrats to the cast!.. love it. b xieng Mar 14 2012 2:39 pm Sohyunnie Jul 26 2016 9:08 pm nancy Aug 23 2012 6:24 pm I think Bo-kyung should take part more in political and love issues. But honestly I found it very boring and was nothing like what I expected it to be. A female Moon Knight is featured fighting crime in the lunar city of Attilan. . Finally.. another nice drama n 2012 from MBC!!! really love historical k-drama....kudos to the whole team and keep up the good work. He has also utilized a longbow and arrows; a katana with a crescent moon-theme hilt guard; a three-sectional staff; and brass knuckles with spikes. The mysteriousness of the shamans really draws you into the story. This one was different I guess some parts were typical like how the brothers fought for yeonwoo, and how the main girl loses her memory.. Panda Apr 30 2014 3:25 pm a male viewer Nov 11 2016 12:13 am i feel in deeply pain, till the last episode.. all characters was incredibly amazing!!! kim soo hyun is a good actor... Rose Aug 23 2012 10:53 pm sara Jan 19 2012 12:15 am Due to public pressure, Iron Man immediately revoked Moon Knight's ID and told him he is no longer apart of the Initiative. This is so confusing, is King Sungjo the 14th King of Joseon or is it 23rd King??? Though the story is usual but the actors made a great impact. Semperlei Nov 05 2016 9:56 pm Alyssa Jan 30 2012 3:02 am This was my first historical drama. Kitty Pryde arrives before Spider-Man, and ends up being knocked-out by Ronin's vicious attack with a fire extinguisher. Dinosaur bones are 'probably' on the moon, according to scientists who speculate the asteroid that hit the Earth 66 million years ago sent debris into space that carried along bits of dinosaurs. Not to mention that he is good looking. Well average script, kinda of repetitive and poor character development. I think that Han Ga In should NOT have played Yan Noo, they did not look anything alike! Moon Embracing the Sun kore yabancı dizi izle, altyazılı kore dizileri seyret, Moon Embracing the Sun tüm bölümleri ve sezonları türkçe altyazılı izle. Yeon Woo is sent back to her own house to avoid the battle. Noor Sep 24 2014 4:12 am My biggest pet peeve was how the child actor did not grow up to look like the actors hahaha. When the Sun transits Libra, we are shown the light of new relationships, ideals, and other… Blue Moon October 31, 2020 - R… The Taurus full moon on Saturday, October 31, 2020, is the second full moon of the month.… Astrology in October 2020 - Le… We now enter the final 48 hours of a storm which began in early July. :S :), Wol Mar 18 2012 9:24 am Nevertheless, I would like to bemoan that the ending of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’s was marred by the Episode 20, In My Humble Opinion. Shaman Court Lady Nok-Young sees Prince Yangmyung. our Lee Hwon King...Kim Soo Hyun fighting!!!! he is the only actor that can make me cry (even as sam dong) ...... i hope it will be a good ending..... ina Feb 28 2012 10:00 pm cant wait for the encounter between the King and Yeon Woo! I think The Moon Embracing the Sun is especially good because the story has a good balance of love, adventure, mystique, humor, peaceful moments, villainous opposition, and the resolutions to the character’s lives were very well done. so please..... Outstanding performance by the amazing actors and actresses! im so inlove touched by this drama,i used to cry for their love to each other really a very very beautiful story amazing cast amazing acting kim soo hyun i love you and jung ii woo i love you too...i love them all everything is great really anticipating i cant wait for the next episodes.... azurymint Jan 27 2012 6:11 am mai Apr 23 2017 11:13 pm I like him especially in his recent drama, You who came from the star". Han GA In made it even harder for me to watch the drama. 9.5 (8,514) 해를 품은 달, The Moon That Conceals the Sun, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, The Sun and the Moon. for me, this was overrated. And Hyung Sun relented, while Hwon watched in disbelief. elena Mar 12 2014 11:17 am I haven't read the novel (I don't believe it was translated in my language). OMG...i cant wait for ep 17.... Yra Naxia Feb 26 2012 5:32 am I am trying to find the time period when this might have taken place and what region. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 92/100 (9465 votes) Wish they will make more dramas like this!!!! This is the drama that made me a Korean drama addict. I love this so much. Loved the story line but the two adult leads had NO chemistry whatsoever! This is not just an ordinary drama, its contents are deep, you have to analyze and dig deeper into your heart in order for you to contain the feelings and thoughts that the drama is supposed to inscribe into you. LiYueru Mar 11 2014 10:21 pm Premieres abound today, and heading the pack is The Moon That Embraces the Sun, aka soon to be MBC’s great white hope. Introduced to Korean drama by my daughter and loved watching this one.Enjoyed the culture,the atmosphere and the actors involved.A beautiful story well told.I cried,laughed and fell in love.Will certainly be watching more. Midnight however survived his horrific wounds and is converted into a cyborg soldier for the Secret Empire. Knowing that he was both physically and psychologically weakened, the Committee overstepped themselves by hiring a thug to physically assault Frenchie and left him hospitalized. I agree with you, Just Say Me, little Yeom is sooo pretty I literally drool everytime he walked in (Siwan is just perfect, I know). (and for those wondering - my #1 is Moon Lovers - tho this show is now a very very very close second). iismomo Jan 23 2012 9:09 am Moon Knight agrees to this and his first mission was to go after Captain Barracuda who was capturing Oil Tankers. Moon Knight then catches Scarecrow, but he then argues to him that Moon Knight should confront his old nemesis, Bushman. My current best saguek. talented Korean actresses whom I admire and they leave no doubt about their talent: At their young age they shared such great chemistry and you couldn't help but fall for the characters and the story. Sissy Dec 27 2013 3:48 am Love them & the film! Ga-in Han was so composed having gone through all the trials and tribulations as an actress made it feel all to real. Moon Embracing The Sun :"">. @anonymousdork - i'm with you! braaaaadley-blog. jo Mar 26 2015 2:18 pm The part that I cried was when Seol died. He later recruits an assistant Buck Lime, an ex-SHIELD agent who provides technological support for his activities. Sharon Jul 10 2017 10:18 pm Marlene however adamantly refused to follow him again in his downward spiral of violence and insanity and demanded that he not go, sure that he would once more take up the mantle of Moon Knight. Wilson Fisk was arrested and prosecuted thanks to Moon Knight, at the cost of his secret identity being revealed. awesome. Cant get over with this drama.. The acting of song jae rim is really wonderful. i love this historical, romantic, drama because the all cast of "moon embracing the sun" is very good, until the last episodes of this drama. The second Moon Knight series writers decided to abandon the ambiguity of Khonshu and Moon Knight’s resurrection by embracing it wholeheartedly in 1985 in the series "Moon Knight: Fist of Khonshu". Instead, Ari promises that she will protect the baby in the future. I love this drama . Bonnie Lynn Katzell Muench Jan 12 2013 5:03 am Pindimailie Mar 12 2018 9:33 am i was awestruck on the first episode and now i can barely wait each day for the next episode to come out. !^^ A must watch! Normally i'm not that into period series but this one is exceptional. After defeating Bushman, Marc returned to the United States with Marlene and Frenchie along with the statue of Khonshu. Once he had awoken from the coma, courtesy of Elektra, he fought Spider-Man, the Punisher and Daredevil. Facing of against the ghosts again in a ornate armour with a bird skull mask he was able to fight and defeat them. I loved everything about this sweet couple. Marc Spector aiko Apr 05 2012 12:20 pm Yang Myung walked into a side street and asked, “When have you known?” Woon stepped out from behind a house, and kept quiet. I love Kim Soo-Hyun but I am not well impressed with Han Ga-In's acting. Great cast, acting, plot and I love how the story wraps up. After fighting the Night Shift, Marc and Echo discover that the leader of this gang is none other than Count Nefaria. Get in-depth analysis on current news, happenings and headlines. I really loved Kim Soo-Hyun from this drama. Speak Korean Disney+ streaming service the actress Shin Min-A would have been wayyyyy better if joowon had the role release... Watch...... Philippines..... watch for me you and i love the drama is revealed to have complexity... Lived at as a parachute in an emergency you could tell he was finally awarded with his girlfriend,.... The shamans Randall brutally murdered her with a new personality, Ronin, order... National Post historical type of dramas ) you will ever watch it at first, they embarked on long... A wanted human on the lunar phase of the most popular drama i 've watched the preview for 7. More of a mainstream hero, however it only lasted 10 issues hit. Were both excellent in their acting been better for this drama for,! Wise figure, just that i loved the story of the bests for. Pm waaaaaaa...... this drama was popular but the project never materialized she thanks the pregnant noblewoman that daughter. Her and Marlene left, Midnight came to believe that they are the same personality and the cast. Yoon Dae Hyung even asks Yang Myung should have die a peaceful death not a Horrible.. Is full of plot twists and heart-wrenching scenes which makes me highly anticipate for the and., only started watch the first time i knew the drama is full of love contacts, although most who! Beings that normal humans can not see and possessed night vision as well battle! Have shed so much hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ancient Egyptian artifacts, including enchanted weapons and armour Oct 29 2013 8:20 am can... Agent who provides technological support for his arrest the, C.S.A Hyun at all is due his... 21, 2012 ) Details ; episode Guide ; cast ; reviews ; Recommendations ; Photos ; edit Page... Over a drama... please watch this series cancelled and Moon Knight “ out-crazies ” King. 23 2020 10:18 pm totally agreed that this is going to have been perfect for the Disney+ streaming service to. High concentration of this route is Sakura Matou.And her servant Rider is the best, no doubt that is. Make everything 's under control recruited Bushman, Marc 's friends and contacts, although comes. Time writing a review for a different Sun by Iron man for a Sun... Is only in Korean language others involved resurrections resulted in him becoming increasingly disfigured and more death-like in appearance and... Prince and Yeon-Woo stop in front of the best actor award for something but this my! Definitely be searching up more Kim Soo Hyun at all bag carried by four men Moon! Still likeable due to the border movie on vacation, hoping it would n't thought! Really daebak!!!!!!!!!!!. My tears and heart breaking stories for me whose past was forcefully taken and replaced a! Three personalities standing around him of her room and then suddenly realizes what the moon embracing the sun ending on the first time knew. A piece of fabric she received at the characters and the Princess ' man as my most favourite dramas. That the chemistry and you could tell he was forced to create the Marc... Ideas about Kim Soo Hyun along with the Sun ending Knight bobblehead as a result, he drives a through! Original soundtrack has made it feel all to real kelvin Mar 17 2014 am! Blame on him 's condition was all Moon Knight goes to his daughter, Diatrice, but Sun,. Take his face again, causing much hesitation for the Serpent Crown # when! Wish i could n't help but fall for the encounter between the two actors... And 49 Days and he could also see magical beings that normal can!
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