Bikes in the house, bikes in the garage... bikes are everywhere and it's the best way of life. It hitches into a socket that then attaches to the rear axle of Mum or Dad’s bike. HIER FINDEST DU NICHT MEHR UNSER AKTUELLES SORTIMENT! The stroller/jogger functions are not an afterthought like they are on cheaper trailers. over the past 10 years, at the bottom of any of their trailer product pages, why we love the Thule Infant Sling soooo much, Rain cover included, water-resistant fabric, Rain cover included, water-resistant zippers, Bench-style seats – more support makes it easier to load kids into the trailer, and also makes for a more comfortable ride, Padded seats and harness for added comfort, Stationary sunshade acts as a visor for little eyes, Rear window with bottom vent is quite useful in stroller mode, Front plastic lip protects the bottom of the trailer from damage when it’s resting on the ground, Compatible with all conversion kits – can convert to a jogger, 4-wheel stroller, ski stroller. The Burley D’Lite models, and the Burley Cub X have the same size sunshade but it can be moved up or down the front of the trailer to adjust for the angle of the sun. Burley categorizes the Burley Minnow, Burley Bee, and the Honey Bee as recreation bike trailers. We have reviews for six of those trailers. You will use the recline feature regularly in the Burley because its standard position is too upright. It’s insanely easy to use. When you want to convert to stroller mode, you simply pull the wheel down. Whether you’re city commuting or outdoor exploring, the Burley® Bee Double Bike Trailer keeps your most precious cargo safe and secure. However, you are able to earn and redeem Kohl's Cash and YES2YOU Rewards on this product. Family Line Products built for the next generation of riders, adventurers and explorers that are safe, durable and thoughtfully designed - from a closer to the child experience with the bike seat, to tow behind kid trailers, and cycles, our lineup is designed for ease of use and added simplicity. It also comes with a cylindrical joint where a pin goes through to secure the attachment. A great and distinct feature about this trailer’s interior is that it has a recessed helmet pocket that provides extra headroom. Burley Bee vs. Other Burley Models. Burley Encore: ($549) The Encore is the least expensive Burley trailer to offer conversion to all of its multi-sport kits – from 4-wheel stroller, to jogger or ski kit. As such your kid is … Available in 9 different models, the Burley bike trailer that is best for you depends on your budget as well as how you plan on using the trailer. Quick View. Burley trailers have an L-shaped tow arm, while Thule Chariots have a C-shaped tow arm. We already mentioned that we loved the Bee's hitch for its ease of use, but we also found that it created the best towing experience of all the trailers we tested. It’s at this level that you get adjustable suspension, reclining seats, beefier wheels, extra elbow room, and an adjustable sunshade. It doesn’t alter the incline angle of the seat, but rather provides side support. Burley Encore trailers and above are compatible with an optional 4-wheel stroller kit. The UV protected windows are rated UPF 30 and block 96 – 097.4% of UV light. Compared to most trailers, this trailer folds easily and sub-compactly for easy storage and transportation. Burley Kids' Bike Trailers: Burley Encore X $480, Burley Bee $240, Burley Minnow $224. Whether you’ll be sticking to the neighborhood, or riding through the forest on packed dirt trails, Burley has a bike trailer that will fit your family’s needs. Most other single stroller wheels have to be completely removed from the body of the trailer when not in use. You will notice that the buckle operates like a dream and that the straps can quickly tighten or loosen to the right fit of your child in the trailer. Rain Cover on Burley D’Lite X vs. Thule Chariot Cross. The perfect way to expand the capabilities of your Burley! Waterproof zippers are not necessary because the rain guard covers the zippers. For example, while we love the high-end Thule Cross trailer, the dual stroller wheels have to be inserted from underneath the trailer, which is a bit awkward. Burley makes nine trailers that fall under three quality tiers. From a thick, water-resistant 600D polyester cover, to heat treated 6061-T6 aluminum frame tubes and a full internal aluminum roll cage, the structural integrity of every Burley bike trailer is second to none. This light, quiet, nimble trailer was sweet as honey to our cyclist testers. We regularly haul backpacks, scooters, basketballs, blankets, and helmets in the back of our Burley trailers. Burley and Thule both offer two basic bike trailers. Carrie Wren has four little shredders and has been testing bike products with them since 2016. On Burley trailers with dual-stroller wheel conversion kits, the wheels insert from the front, so you don’t have to tilt the trailer back. We’ve pulled a lot of bike trailers in our time, and we push stroller/jogger versions on the daily. So what are the very best features of Burley trailers? In the Burley line, D’Lite (X) (all three models), and Cub X offer reclining seats. As a bonus for the Thule Chariot Cross and Lite, you can store the tow arm right on the body of the trailer, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing it in the garage! The Burley Honey Bee comes fully equipped with 1.75 x 20-inch premium wheels that can easily be removed for quick and easy storage, thanks to the quick-release center buttons. After testing 36 bike trailers (9 of them Burley!) With an internal width of 21.8 inches, there is more than enough room for younger kids, although the same cannot be said for older kids who have more room in other Burley models.
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