A polyurethane finish that is microtextured to be slightly "softer" than the glassier "gloss" finish called "stain finish polyurethane." Finish options: gloss, semi-gloss, satin. This is maybe one of the most popular choices for homes as it leaves a little shine that doesn’t overpower the rest of the house. I have a cork floor that is coated with semi gloss poly urethane. Use a "New Brush for every coat". I normally use minwax polyurethane gloss mixed 50/50 with mineral spirits and wipe on then buff down the shine to what ever gloss I'm looking for . It sounds like you didn't stir the satin polyurethane well enough. Required coats: 2-3. Satin paints tend to impart more warmth and depth to surfaces than do flat paints. Now comes the fun. Easy to apply and quick drying, this polyurethane will provide lasting, durable protection from abrasion, marring, chipping, alcohol, and water. As long as the surface feel perfectly smooth, it’s time to move on to the next step. VOC Content: 250 g/L. Semi-gloss 30-45%: Resene Sonyx 101, Resene Lustacryl, Resene Lusta-Glo. GOOD FOR: Cabinets, floors, furniture, and trim such as wainscot, where abrasion resistance and durability are important. Second coat probably took-on water moisture.Let it mature a month or two before making a final decision. Drying Time: 2-3 hours. for the 600, i’ll sand by hand on the curves and non flat areas, for the flat areas i’ll use a block. Any ideas? Micro-Mesh sanding pads with grits from 1500 to 12,000 will take you to a wet look finish. Look … Gloss makes wood look like plastic, I think. Whether you need to tone down the finish or mix up a more muted shade, there are lots of ways to dull down paint. This is a self-leveling, clear finish designed to protect the beauty of interior surfaces. The finish is too glossy. It is also a finish coat that brings an immaculate shine and magnifies the beauty of everything from flooring to furniture. It is most stylish it looks classy, it refreshes the floor, it has some sheen but not too much. Usually a satin poly has very little sheen. How can I tone down the gloss to a satin finish? Again – this is truly a matter of personal preference. Each company has their own definition of "gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte, extra matte". I only use gloss finishes. Satin paints. I'm using it on stained wood moulding, and when I did the majority of it in the winter, I got the expected semi-gloss sheen. Saturate a piece of wet and dry sandpaper with a 1000-grit in water, sand the polyurethane finish in small, circular motions, and then clean it with a pH-neutral cleanser to remove any visible debris. Short Answer The short answer is that stain polyurethane finishes can be applied over any paint or stain that is already properly applied … This is normal. Finishes often "dull down" within a few months and that shiney gloss look will become more of a semi-gloss - or even a satin. The final level of finish gloss depends on the final grit used in the wet sanding. hey Clay! It keeps moisture from damaging the wood. It looks great, but the wood now has a coarse texture to it. Dura Seal "gloss" instead of semi-gloss). Glossy is exactly as it sounds: it will have a “shiny” sheen to it. Minwax® Fast-Drying Polyurethane. The polyurethane looks blotchy. I've never done this before so I'm guessing I screwed up somewhere or am using a bad brand of polyurethane... or maybe just need to apply more coats. Available in gloss, semi-gloss, and satin. Use semi-gloss for highlights, such as cabinet faces, doors, furniture, and woodwork. The Semi-gloss finish is a bit shinier in an oil-based polyurethane than a waterborne one. Semi-Gloss Can we put semi gloss on top of this to get some shine?? A great sanding job can look amazing after just the sealant. Can I lightly sand it and apply high gloss poly over it? would like it to look a little shiney and not so flat, appreciate any help2nd coat of semi gloss polyurethane looks dull? then when you sand it wont clog . The porch was previously painted with a semi-gloss oil-based solid stain, but my understanding is that they now only offer high gloss in oil stains. This look will leave your wood with a protective layer but a dull, flat appearance that may be great for furniture and floors in more simple homes. It’s time to power buff. About 90% of my customers choose a satin finish. I'm hoping to keep it similar or slightly less shiny than the current finish (I don't want them to be super shiny). You don’t need several different types of finish for satin or semi-gloss. Shiny or dull spots on a painted surface never look good, so check out our quick guide on how to fix it and what products you should use. > I have used two separate cans, satin and semi-gloss, almost every day > this past week of this exact product, making stain samples for color > decisions for a client, and have not had a problem. Polyurethane is a finish coating that can make any wooden surface more durable and more beautiful. I sanded between each coat of poly. 6# Start in the center of the piece, go right to the edge, then go left passing thru you're starting point all the way to the left edge. for those higher grits i’ll soak my paper in water usually overnight, some warm water with a few drops of soap. Then we applied the final coal in semi gloss poly. 24 Hrs later the room is splotchy, gloss and dull… the whole dining room still looks shiny. It’s an oxygen crosslinked polyurethane (OCP) that is proven to improve the look… If you are using anything but "gloss", IOW a satin or semi-gloss product, she simply may not have shaken the can enough. Have you painted your walls with semi-gloss paint, only to discover that you hate the look because of the high sheen the paint produces? This versatile all-around poly provides good protection on a variety of wood surfaces. I'm having trouble with polyurethane (Helmsman semi-gloss) drying much glossier than it should - like an extra-gloss instead of a semi-gloss. I often have this conversation with customers and encourage the use of a higher sheen than what they actually want. As stated above; the shinier you go, the more noticeable scratches, dents, scuff marks, and imperfections, (even dirt on the floor) will be. Someone suggested putting grit into the high gloss stain before applying. I applied four coats of oil, satin polyurethane, to a wood desk. If you look at these two pictures here, the one on left is a semi-gloss; the one on the right is a satin. With a satin vs semi gloss polyurethane, there is no difference in the protective qualities of the coat, only in the gloss level with semi-gloss providing more shine. Semi-Gloss vs Glossy Finish Glossy is a bright, shiny finish that will bring out the colors of any wood. Actually, I always use gloss and rub … They are more stain resistant than flat paints, but less stain resistant than semi-gloss and gloss paints. While it would have been better to consider the look before the area was painted, it is possible to reduce the sheen without repainting the entire surface. Steel wool does dull the finish but I've never liked the look. Both satin and semi-gloss polyurethane finishes work well across almost all types of wood. Even semi-gloss is not so good. We're refinishing our floors with oil-based poly and are trying to decide on a finish. It is a protectant and sealer. I added some finish and then added a thin layer Minwax Fast-drying Polyurethane (clear semi-gloss) with a foam brush. 4# Using a 3" foam brush apply Helmsman Clear Gloss, at full strength. It will be dull where the sandpaper did most of its work, and shinier where it did less. A: It sounds like you didn’t stir the semi gloss adequately. Will it then have a high luster to it or will it just look like a shiny coat of polyurethane over a dull coat of poly? There’s no doubt that Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish is our top waterborne polyurethane product. Available in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens. They’re both about the same color, but you can see that the floors look very different. I find it better to apply gloss coats until the final coat to avoid that accumulation. Polishing polyurethane is not only a great final touch but an excellent way to give it its old gloss back if it became dull-looking and worn down, too. Thanks. Semi gloss vs satin wood finish, Theres something about natural look different sheens the walls over a more resistant to washing use a medium sheen level of gloss and bring out of preferences and moisture soft top coat of sun be the two coats of the last coat is most in … Polyurethane Finish Tip#3: Power Buffing the Levelled Surface. Satin. Multiple coats of flatted finishes such as semi-gloss polyurethane will look muddy or dull because of the accumulated flatted finish. Instead of it being uniform the sheen is splotchy. 5# Do not paint the poly on. Six hundred grit yields a nice satin look. If you do not feel the "sheen" is high enough, you can add (at your own expense) a single coat of THE SAME PRODUCT but at the higher gloss level (ex. One other thing. Do I re-apply a 4th coat again in semi gloss? So if satin sheen looks dull now, it will REALLY look dull in a couple weeks. Semi-gloss polyurethane is clear, shiny, and not really recommended for households with pets, or small children. Has anyone ever used a flat polyurethane? I would be inclined to apply another coat of poly. Re: refinishing wood floors, semi gloss over satin fin [ Re: Anonymous ] #714496 04/27/12 12:32 AM 04/27/12 12:32 AM just keep a towel handy to wipe the sediment after a few minutes of sanding. My thought is to buff the high gloss to dull the shine but I have no idea how that will work. ... another simple way to dull a gloss or semi gloss is thin it and or speed dry with a fan. Satin will the be least shiny finish, resembling more of a “dull”, flat finish.
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