In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

FRIDAY MESSAGE 13 March 2015



Honorable Ulama, respected elders, sheikhs, Imaams, ladies and gentleman all protocols observed. The Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation would like to announce to you the incoming and official ZMYO National Executive Council members.

When we think of the prophet’s life and his companions mature elderly people seem to come to mind. However when we look at the first Muslims close to the prophet, we see that most of them were young. Youths who were energetic, idealist, brave, dedicated and open to experience for example Ali- bin Abu Talib was around age 10 when he accepted Islam. Abdullah and Zubayr bin Ma’sad to mention only a few. These are the youths who played a very vital or important role in Islam. Hence when we look at the relationship between the youths and Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) we see that his whole effort and goals were to form a youth that was believing, religious, virtuous and chaste. Due to our prophet’s warm and sincere interest which was encouraging to the youths, young companions matured to the point of sacrificing their lives, property and families on Allah’s path. To add to that, it goes without saying that the youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The future of any nation lies in the youths and what will define their success is the ammunition that they are afforded today. Youths run under the motto “what is for us without us is not for us but is actually against us.’’ Therefore youth involvement and participation is of utmost importance and is the backbone to a better tomorrow.

Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation is such an organisation which thrives to involve youths by any means possible and legal. The new national executive council has vowed to place its service to the organisation, Muslim youths and Ummah or the nation at large. It is without doubt that we succeed more distinguished predecessors just like many of you. The new ZMYO National youth council understnand the demands of managing people and of reconciling tensions. We do know that decisions taken in one context can sometimes be ridiculed in another time hence all these experiences should strengthen and unite us at this demanding time. If we do not lead money will not be well spent, time will not be efficiently used right, but unpopular causes will fail, growth will stumble and our sense of ambition will falter. Thus our pledge to you is to be part of a unique, confident well lead organisation.

Our aims, objectives and ambitions are to build an Islamic civilization that is united, to build an Ummah that is disciplined, that have a common code of conduct and that is fearful of their Rabb. We shall thrive to develop the Muslim youths, to empower, to support them in their studies both Islamic and secular education, motivate the Muslim youths irrespective of gender, race, or culture. We shall run seminars, camps, workshops and awareness campaigns, we shall combat together immorality and HIV AIDS pandemic. We shall represent Muslims youths in local, national and international events such as the world AIDS day, environment day, tree planting day, clean up campaigns to mention only just a few. We seek to run programs that instills Islamic behavior and civilization, programs that propagates the truth about Islam. The Organisation together with its youths takes its responsibility to protect Islam against misinterpretations, misrepresentations and misconceptions prevalent in the mass media. The organisation shall take it to task to create employment, afford educational opportunities and scholarships. Most importantly we shall instill confidence in woman; we shall build the youths to be better employers, employees, mothers and fathers. This shall be done not only in major cities and towns, but remote areas, mines and the rural areas. The Zimbabwean youths shall also be afforded a chance to learn more about leadership skills, about our deen and secular education on international platforms. Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation shall work together with organisations locally and organisations around our country in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and other countries as well. As they say no man is a mountain, we would honestly say with certainty that no organisation is a mountain, every organization needs support, ideas and encouragement from other organisations. The chairperson and members of the executive shall take it to task to deliver all the aims and objectives of the organization In sha Allah.  All these we endeavor to execute through the help of the sisters desk which shall look at issues pertaining to woman. The AIDS committee shall do as their name says, Dawah and it shall thrive to deliver a unique and God fearing Muslim youths. The National executive shall work with Provincial Executive Committees, District committees and branch committees, In sha Allah.

The incoming executive will work tirelessly to see to it that these committees will deliver. In order to achieve this we would like to share five principles that we believe will be spring boards to realizing our academic, social, individual and collective goals: Motivation, Hard work and piety Uniqueness, Inspiration, Achievement.

Lastly we say we are on board not because we are clever or that we are the cream of the youths, but because Allah has wanted us and afforded us an opportunity to serve His deen, it  is indeed a great task and we ask Allah to make it easy for us Ameen.


NAME                                                                                                           POSITION

SHAIBU TAMBULA                                                                                  CHAIRMAN

YUSSUF SAIDI                                                                                          VICE CHAIRMAN

KASSIM SANUDI                                                                                     SECRETARY GENERAL

LATIFAH KUNDETE                                                                                VICE SECRETARY GENERAL

ALIMA NYONI                                                                                           TREASURE GENERAL

FISHER MAVAZA                                                                                     VICE TREASURE GENERAL

NOAH MAULANA                                                                                    ORGANISING SECRETARY

JABIR HAJJ                                                                                               DEPUTY ORGANISING SECRETARY

UMAR MACHEMBA                                                                                INFORMATION & PUBLICITY SECRETARY

SULEYMAN BWANA                                                                              DEPUTY INFORMATION & PUBLICITY SEC

JABIR JULA                                                                                               COMMITTEE MEMBER

MUSTAFA NJENDA                                                                                 COMMITTEE MEMBER

TAAHIR IBAH                                                                                            COMMITTEE MEMBER



Iyad ibn Himar (God be pleased with him) relates that the Messenger of God (peace be upon him) said “ God has revealed to me that you should treat each other with humbleness so that no one should feel haughty above another, and no one should wrong another”


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