About Us

All praises are due to Allah, the most High and Great,
unto Whom belongs the dominion of the universe. May blessings of Allah and
peace be showered upon the head of our beloved Nabi, who brought the religion
of truth and guidance, Muhammad Bin Abdullah, his own house hold members,
companions and all those who follow them until the last day.

Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation is a national
Islamic youth movement in Zimbabwe
established in 1983 with the aim of improving the status quo of the Muslims in Zimbabwe.
Z.M.Y.O is registered with the government of Zimbabwe and is a member of World
Assembly for Muslim Youth (WAMY), Africa Muslim Youth Congress (AMYC)

The Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation is the flagship
of the Islamic Movement in Zimbabwe.
Since its inception nearly twenty three years ago the organisation has firmly
established itself amongst the local Muslims across the width and breath of the
country. It has managed to appeal to both the young and the old because it
trode the middle road and is therefore one of the major hopes in the quest to
unite our people. ZMYO is spread in all 10 provinces in Zimbabwe thus catering for the biggest and
largest and most active constituency of the Muslims in Zimbabwe (i.e. the Youths).

The Major Activities and Programmes of the organisation are so designed to cover the following areas:

  1. Education and Development of the Muslim Youths in both Secular and Islamic Studies
  2. Employment Creation
  3. Awareness Campaigns and current issues
  4. Spiritual and Moral Education

To Archive the above, the organisation engage in various programmes and activities such as:

  1. Islamic Tarbiyah Programmes (ITP’s)
  2. Islamic Youth Camps
  3. Radio Programmes
  4. Seeking scholarships on behalf of needy Muslim Youths and Students
  5. Recognising important Islamic dates(events)
  6. Seeking sponsorship for income generating projects or business fr individual Muslim Youths Groups
  7. Hosting Islamic Seminars and Symposiums on current issues affecting the Muslims in Zimbabwe.
  8. Publishing Islamic News-letters and pamphlets 9. Any other Islamic activities that requires the involvement of the youths.


  • To produce a generation of Muslim youths who will continuously strive to sustain and improve the spiritual and moral awareness, simultaneously displaying wholesome individual character, hence identified as righteous young people of Zimbabwe.


  • Creating an Iqraa (Conscious),self sustainable, economically developed and Aids free Ummah which offers Islamic values to our society, thereby contributing to peace, prosperity, material and social refinement of our country.


  • To rally and motivate the Muslim Youth of Zimbabwe under the banner of Islam
  • To propagate the true teachings of Islam as taught by the Qúran and Sunnah.
  • To combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic through holding of public awareness programmes and work with other stakeholders (Government ,NGOs etc) that deal with HIV/AIDS whilst adhering to the Islamic principles.
  • To represent the interests of Muslims of Zimbabwe
  • To improve the socio-economic condition of Muslims through projects for self reliance and sustainable development.
  • To acquire Aid for the welfare of needy Muslims and fellow Zimbabweans.
  • To coordinate and cooperate with other organisations and communities in implementing government policies,pertaining to the youths and lobby on behalf of the Islamic Community on any relevant issues.
  • To help students in need of educational and vocational training.