A non-governmental premier religious organisation representing aspirations of the Muslim youth in Zimbabwe, established in 1983.


  • To produce a generation of Muslim youths who will continuously strive to sustain and improve the spiritual and moral awareness, simultaneously displaying wholesome individual character, hence identified as righteous young people of Zimbabwe.


  • Creating an Iqraa (Conscious),self sustainable, economically developed and Aids free Ummah which offers Islamic values to our society, thereby contributing to peace, prosperity, material and social refinement of our country.


  • To rally and motivate the Muslim Youth of Zimbabwe under the banner of Islam and instill unity, a common code of conduct, discipline and awareness in the Muslim youth fraternity.
  • To improve the socio-economic status of Muslim youth through indigenisation, projects for self reliance, sustainable development and students in need of educational and vocational training.
  • To combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic through holding of public awareness programmes and  work hand in hand with organisations (Government ,NGOs etc) that deal with HIV/AIDS  whilst adhering to the Islamic principles and laws.
  • To acquire Aid for the welfare of the needy Muslims and Zimbabweans in general.
  • To propagate the true teachings of Islam as taught by the Qúran and Sunnah through the holding of dialogue, Islamic studies  and seminars such as necessary to the development of the youth irrespective of gender, race, culture, religion or school of thought.
  • To coordinate and cooperate with other organisations and communities whilst implementing government policies, pertaining to the youths and lobby on behalf of the Islamic Community on any relevant issues.

Towards achieving the above aims, ZMYO holds national, provincial and district human resources development youth camps and seminars ‘’ aimed at resolving myriad risk socio-economic challenges faced by youth’’; organises health awareness campaigns and training; publishes Friday messages, newsletters, participation in exhibition activities; as a mitigation measure, ZMYO is actively involved in humanitarian work; conduct entrepreneurship skills training towards improving household youth livelihood and enhancing sustainable education through career guidance and well targeted training.