In order to improve the educational system amongst the
Muslim Youth in Zimbabwe,
ZMYO has the following solutions;-

The organisation officially
declared 2007 “Year of Education” amongst the Muslim Youth. The idea is to
support the students in need of School fees, uniforms, school Text books and
other related aspects. This will see youths especially the out of school
embarking on Vocational training programmes.

The organisation also wishes
to be in partnerships with other Islamic institutes in the furthering of
Islamic and academic studies amongst the youths. The organisation is also
sourcing some Scholarships for deserving students to study and enhance their
Islamic and Secular education.


Source funding for the teachers
salaries so that we create a fair salary output thus acquiring qualified
teachers, and deploy them to  areas
without teachers for Islamic studies(Imams)

Sending students to study Islam
in the Islamic states who will in turn be resourceful aspects to both
organisation and Muslim communities.

Offer Islamic Studies in
government school and institutions.

Offer Islamic studies through
correspondence by mail, Internet, Other electronic and print media.


To launch a vigilant/ robust
campaign to parents / guardians so that they send the youths to school.

To support students financially
for those in need of aid to enhance their studies in key academic aspects or
vocational training courses.

Acquire academic text books for the library