Economic Empowerment


It should be noted that the
youths constitute the majority qualitatively and quantitatively (i.e. in terms
of population density and activeness) so by empowering the youths, we will be
empowering the largest population of the Ummah therefore faced with the above
factors ,ZMYO wishes to embark on a double coined approach in empowering the
youth so that they are not beggars:-


Create a Job Database for the Youth and Help them get employed.

Entrepreneurship training for the youth

Micro – finance – Offer financial assistance to those who are already in
business and need assistance to boast up.

Initiate projects for self-reliance and sustainable development. The
following projects are some that the organisation is doing

Candle Making

Peanut butter making

Sewing and tailoring

Mushroom farming projects

and Broiler rearing

Skills development for youth men and Women.

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