Social Activities


Z.M.Y.O is one of the most best placed organisation to
tackle the HIV/AIDS challenge since the youths are the most affected generation
and Muslims are not an exception. Z.M.Y.O is using the following approaches to
tackle this issue. The approaches are:-

Mobilising support for those Muslims affected by the disease by networking with NGOs and Individuals to fight this disease There is need to have active and conscious youths in our areas who should be trained and then be tasked with the social resposibility of assessing in their neighbourhoods families/people that are affected by the AIDS pandemic.

An aggressive da’wah campaign for the youths and the community at large should be taught to stick to Islamic principles & practices if they are to avoid the dreaded disease. This campaign should go hand in hand with other da’wah activities. At every da’wah programme being undertaken be it at branch, district, provincial or national level the message should be driven home that only if our people stick to Islamic principles can they be saved.

       Source support to feed the
infected and affected who are mainly women and children (widows & Orphans).

     Source drugs and other
medication of any particular use to those infected with HIV/AIDS. Currently the
organisation has 87 people infected with HIV/AIDS.