Dawah/Call to Islam


The organisation has drawn up a comprehensive da’wah
programme which is being implemented with the help of brothers and sisters who
are well qualified in the field of da’wah. Our focus is to improve the level of
Islam amongst the Muslim youths throughout the country whilst at the same time
calling people to Islam. We aim to improve the Da’wah system which is suitable
to our environment in Zimbabwe
that we are able to monitor, track and get results from it.

We have already started the weekly publications of the
organisation’s pamphlet, “The Friday Message” with the material that will be of
spiritual benefit to our membership as well as the community at large. It is
our hope that we will be able to publish a monthly newsletter which would cover
current activities that are taking place in the organisation and the Muslim
community at large.

Amongst other requirements to improve Da’wah are:-

Train Imams, teachers, duats, and students in comparative religion

Acquire enough Islamic literature for Da’wah and Library.

Da’wah will be offered in Jails and Hospitals.

Printing of books in the local language