2019 National Youth

Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation 2019 youth camp is running under the theme ‘’Youth Transformational Regression: Power, Progress, Integration & Change”. The camp theme shall drive the camp at exploring the economic variables bedeviling the youths, comparing and contrasting the Muslim youths economic situation from 2010 to 2018, unleashing the economic potential and proactively develop youths business/ viable business ideas. Through the national youth camp, we seek to impart life skills for success and develop the entrepreneurial spirit amongst in-school learners and out of school youth from historically talented and non-talented youth, disabled young people, disadvantaged and urban communities by up skilling and preparing them for the future. Zmyo national youth camp is a health camp that is aimed at educating the youths about dread diseases, first aid, cleanliness as a part of health, ways of preventing HIV/AIDS and how to live with people living with HIV/AIDS. The national youth camp is a crime fighting mechanism that educate youths on crime related issues. This include as defined by Zimbabwean law, crime awareness crime participation, avoidance, basic security skills, survival skills in a high crime area and crime reporting. With the growing cases of different types of disasters in the world, the youth camp to equip youths with basic humanitarian skills and knowledge, this is premised at the understanding that humanitarian aid is aimed at saving lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity.


Creative Media Competition

Are you a youth who is passionate about youth development, humanitarian and Dawah work? If your answer is yes, then you qualify to participate in the Creative Short Media Competition during the ZMYO 24th National Youth Camp. The competition is only open to the youth who will be applying for the 2019 national youth camp. Select only one theme and create a 3 minutes maximum time video, copied media from internet or any other publications shall be disqualified. For further enquiries and submissions contact: 0773 127 881
1. Contribution of youth on community development
2. Youth and Humanitarian work
3. Good manners as a form of Dawah