In The Name Of Allah The Beneficent The Merciful



Assalam Alaikum Warhmatullahi


“O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed to those who came before you so that you may attain piety.” Surah Al-Baqarah 2:183


All praises are due to Allah, The Cherisher of the worlds! May the
choicest blessings and peace be bestowed upon our beloved Prophet, the
Messenger of Allah Muhammad (SAW), his household members, his companions and
all those who follow them till the Day of Judgment

Once again the honourable space of time has approached nigh and you
are called to prepare for it. Indeed it is the month of mercy, benevolence,
honour, love, happiness and extending the hand of kindness to the needy Muslims.
It is indeed the month of Ramadaan-al Mubarak. We wish you all a blessed month
of Ramadaan.

Beloved Brethren, ZMYO has firmly established itself as
a bridge between the givers and the needy Communities thus striving towards the
creation of an excellent Muslim generation. Last year we managed (by the will
of Allah) to offer IFTAAR to more
than 70 Masaajid nationwide where
the locals broke their fast. This year, we wish to extend the service to almost
100 Mosques throughout the country,

Allah willing, Zimbabwe Muslim youth Organisation (ZMYO) in
collaboration with willing partners (individual and organisations / groups) intends
to hold the following activities during the holy month of Ramadaan 1436 A.H:-

Iftaar Distribution

Iftaar Seminars


Eid Celebrations

Eid Soccer tournament


Iftaar distribution will be done in two ways to allow the Muslims to
break fast during the month of Ramadaan. These will be done with Food hamper
distribution for families and Iftaar packages for the Masaajid.

Iftaar hampers – These are hampers meant for the needy families, widows and orphans
during the month of Ramadaan. The hampers will assist them in breaking their
fast, Supper and Sahoor. We intend to reach to a total of 1 000 recipients /
intended beneficiaries.

Iftaar packages for the
– These packages will be distributed to various Masaajid were people gather and eat together during the breaking of Fast. This will also help many people to perform their Salaatu-Attaraweeh at one place and in large numbers. It also help the poor to be able to fast during the month of Ramadan in case they do not get Iftaar Hampers from well wishers as they can break their fast at the mosque. 


In order to raise the spiritual conduct of the Muslims within our
communities and to emphasize on brotherhood amongst the Muslims and reminding
the Muslims of their belonging to Islam, some seminars will be held in selected
Communities from Asr Salaah till the breaking of Fast. These seminars will be
held in the following proposed areas with an average attendance of 250 people
per area:-





Specifically for the youths, a soccer tournament will be organised.
The tournament is aimed at bringing the youths together through sports. Eight
selected teams will participate. Awards are presented to the best four teams.



I’tikaaf Programme for spiritual development targeting the youth during the last 10 days of Ramadaan. This programme will gather at least 30 youths at a selected Masjid with all meals catered for. An appeal is extended to well wishers to assist those performing I’tikaaf on the following meals: Sahoor, Iftaar and Supper.



To mark an end to the holy blessed month of Ramadaan, Eid
celebrations will be held in some areas in order to bring the Muslims together.
This will accord the Muslims an opportunity to meet together thus instilling
the sense of unity and discuss issues of importance as a Single united Ummah.
The celebrations will be held in the central points in various provinces and
cities respectively.              



We hope you will
be able to assist us in these need times in our country. A lot of people have
absolutely nothing to eat and this Ramadan program will be able to assist the
most needy Muslims in these hard times to fulfill their obligation towards the
Creator (Allah).

The situation in
is very terrible as some people are going for days without food which might
make it difficult for others if not impossible for others to fulfill their
obligations towards Allah in this important month of Ramadan.

We therefore invite you to partner with us in funding the IFTAAR to assist the Underprivileged
and Needy Muslim communities this Ramadaan. “Remember a single date or water gives you a ticket of freeing a slave.”



For contributions, donations and assistance, please do
not hesitate to contact:


Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation


avenue                                                     P.O.BOX 795

Number 207 2nd Floor                                          Harare

HARARE                                                                       ZIMBABWE




:                   +263 774 620 619

Treasurer :                    +263 783 781 108

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