Youths constitute the majority qualitatively and quantitatively (i.e. in terms
of population density and activeness) so by empowering the youths, we will be empowering the largest population of the Ummah. Youth Economic Empowerment is the sustainable solution towards Poverty Eradication. One of the keys to empowering the youth is skills development. When a youth is equipped with essential skills, he or she can utilize them to feed, assist others, and even invest for future use, aiding the nation economically.

Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation is taking an active role in youth economic empowerment through, sustainable livelihoods projects, whereby youths are provided start up kits to fully utilize their knowledge, skills and ability. Entrepreneurship trainings are conducted across the country to empower, motivate and educate youths about sustainable development aimed at ending poverty amongst youth.

Youth Economic Empowerment Challenge for 2020