Thanks so much for the lovely review! Hi Lori, Measuring the banana might help! Other than that everything is exactly as the recipe calls for. So I used whole wheat pastry flour and for my sugar I used coconut palm sugar (I added a little extra than what was asked shhh) and instead of sea salt I used Himalayan pink salt. I doubled the cinnamon and vanilla. With that sub, I used just under 2 cups of it total with otherwise the same amount of all the other wet ingredients. The flax eggs are made in the large bowl and then everything else gets added to that same bowl. I’ve been gluten-free for 6 years and have all of the flours available to make the gluten-free all purpose mix, thanks to this website. I skipped the crumb topping because I didn’t have vegan butter, replaced the coconut oil with canola oil, and added 1 tsp cinnamon with the dry ingredients. The recipes says 1 1/4 cups so does that mean just a quarter cup of flour or 1 cup plus a quarter? This time around, I didn’t realize that I was all out of vanilla, so I just left it out and they tasted good. However, they devour these muffins and I always have to cut them off before they eat all of them. Made the recipe exactly as written, with the exception of swapping pecans for walnuts. Would oat flour work as a substitute for the regular flour? ),, Thank you for the delicious recipe! Is it possible to decrease the amount of sugar in the recipe? I put half a cup of flour i guess i didnt understand the recipe. “Exquisite” were hubby’s words! I used frozen bananas, just microwaved them for a minute or so and then mashed them. But we haven’t tried it that way. The wrappers peel away easier and the muffin texture is best when completely cooled. Thank you! Oats are fine. Get our copy of FAN FAVORITES featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes! Can I substitute with chia seeds or egg replacer? These are the BEST muffins I’ve ever made. I followed the recipe exactly except for the oats. Will definitely make these again! They’ll be in our breakfast rotation for sure. Would definitely recommend and will be using this as my go to recipe when I have extra ripe bananas. I ended up trying these with aquafaba to replace the flax egg…. I used vegan I can’t believe it’s not butter which isn’t as firm as others so my topping was mushy not crumbly. I find that the coconut sugar doesn’t dissolve like cane sugar so you definitely want to do the mix of cane brown sugar with th coconut. Also topped with chocolate chips because “eat the damn muffins, children.” They love them. xo. Made these exactly as stated except did half brown sugar for the crumble with a tablespoon more butter. Can I use frozen bananas or will that be too much moisture? These are delicious. The only next option was to quadruple the recipe and bring these muffins to the next level with a CRUMB TOPPING. In a large bowl, prepare flax egg by mixing flaxseed + water and letting rest for a few minutes. Thanks so much for sharing! I didn’t believe mine would look like the pix on this page, because I don’t have anyone to futz and take pretty pictures of the best of the batch. These are now my go to banana muffin recipe when I have some overly ripe bananas sitting on my counter. That had to change. Thanks! Thank you, yet again, for another amazing, easy and delicious recipe! Thanks so much for the lovely review and for your support, Nancy! xoxo. They were amazing. I LOVED the results. Can’t wait to experiment more with them. The muffins were completely cooked by 24 minutes. Do you think this would work in a loaf pan? Either way probably will just use baking powder next time as I’ve never seen baked goods with that much baking soda. Is there any way to make the muffin portion of this recipe oil-free? The crumbles were easier than I expected and very good and crunchy. right as the youngest two walked in. Just wondering how much did your bananas weigh? Sorry got excited! Any suggestions greatly appreciated. thank you for this wonderful recipe! Packed with banana flavor I’ve subscribed and look forward to trying more of your creative easy delicious recipes – thank you!! This one is definitely a keeper. For this Banana Muffin recipe, I don’t have almond meal or almond flour but do have gluten free flour-can I just double? Nov 12, 2019 - These vegan banana crumb muffins need just a handful of ingredients that you probably have in your pantry already. I’ll have to try my hand at this recipe soon. In the crumb topping, I used GF all purpose flour and coconut sugar. Very easy to make and the exact ingredients. These are fantastic! I can’t thank you enough and I definitely will order the cookbook! Thanks for the vegan recipe! It has 0 Comment. Easy, my 10 year old helped, I’ll definitely make again…probably will use less sugar next time but that’s just me:). Thanks for making me look like a rockstar baker at work, and fueling so many teachers! And meaty recipes? I’d all but given up on gf vegan baking. Yeah, I said it. Hi Alamelu, We haven’t tried subbing out the almond flour, but other readers have! BEst vegan muffins i’ve found so far. I love how this recipe is really wholesome and healthy. ? I’m new to GF cooking and I’ve looked online and it says that they aren’t a 1:1 ratio but i really wanted to try this reciepe. In another bowl, … I try to also use lots of almond flour, coconut flour, and try not to do many grains. So I chose grapeseed or avocado oil here. (first time i had seen fair trade bananas so wanted to support what I believe in!). :(. Popped them in the oven, gave her a bath and now we are sharing one, and they are soooo good! These were amazing! We are glad that you enjoy them! As for my crumble I used the wheat pastry flour and the coconut sugar with the vegan butter for it didn’t really crumble it mushed. Thank you for another great recipe! Moist, light and fluffy. I have a convection oven so they cooked at 190 celsius in about 10 min.!! these are little snacks i keep in the freezer and pop in the microwave for 20 seconds and top with peanutbutter and hemp seeds and its the perfect pre workout snack. Maybe with maple syrup? Topped with oats and crystalized ginger for a kick. I got a two-thumbs up from the entire team!!! I’m confused because the grams listed are all different yet still says 1 1/4 cups. I think maybe my bananas were big. These vegan banana crumb muffins are awesome for many reasons: They take just 30 minutes to make, from start to finish They have just the right amount of sweetness They’re super moist They’re very filling (but it’s hard to eat just one!) This one is AWESOME. Thanks for all the tasty vegan inspiration! Thanks Dana! I’am a muffin lover. Thank you for this fantastic recipe. Something like this. I made them as mini muffins (baked for about 15 minutes), and added some oats and pecans pieces into the topping! But I kept the sugar in the crumb topping :). Even my dairy loving, can’t live without animal bi products fiancée LOVED them. I always have high expectations going into eating something with banana in the title and am always disappointed. – used WW high altitude flour. Thanks so much for sharing! This is the recipe I always make when ripe, speckled bananas are starring back at me from the fruit bowl. We love these muffins!!!! They taste delicious! Add almond meal, gluten-free flour blend, and oats and stir until just combined. As always…delish! I put in 2x salt by accident and they’re still amazing (definitely salty though LOL). Whoop! So moist and delicious and PERFECT!!! I disagree, they definitely taste like banana, it may be a little lighter flavor than some muffins, but I didn’t think it was a problem. Lastly, fold in walnuts (optional). This looks amazing. While you could definitely modify this recipe to be a base for others, you might be interested in our Carrot Cake recipe which can be easily made into muffins. Will definitely make again :). These muffins were delicious. I must have caught it the first few times. Question: I’m out of vegan butter for the crumble topping! Hi! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? First off, these smelled amazing when taking them out of the oven. YUM. Love them!!! Plus, I feel good about giving them to my 2-year-old for breakfast. I used chocolate chips instead of nuts because of allergies, and also because banana muffins should always have chocolate chips. xoxo. Anyway, I always skip recipes like these cause I cant find flaxseed meal. Hi Dana, I’m not vegan or gluten-free but love your recipes! Hi Jaime, sorry for the confusion! My daughter’s daycare provider said the same thing. I have done that with most of yours fairly successfully, like leaving out the maple syrup in the Chocolate Chocolate Chip muffins (which are out of this world, by the way!). Love the simple ingredients. My husband took them to work and my son loved them. We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Chloe! Thanks so much for sharing! Preheat oven to 375 degrees F and lightly butter two small ramekins with non-dairy butter (adjust number of ramekins if altering batch size). Welcome to the site :D I am thinking that you’re right on the flour and oil. It is a cup and a half of flour! So good! Xo. Thanks for sharing, Drew! I made these gluten free using the GF Flour Blend from America´s Test Kitchen (*not vegan – it does contain some powdered milk, but that is optional) and the texture turned out perfectly. I’m a novice baker so I’m guessing the flour switch is the reason they’re not cooking inside… So sad but lesson learned! And OMG they are amazing! When making those substitutions with flour and eggs was ratio/amounts still the same? You can also subscribe without commenting. Fantastic recipe! We’re trying to promote healthy eating for kids along with helping parents. How much applesauce did you use? Awesome crumb topping – I’ve made this and added it to your other muffin recipes, because what muffin isn’t better with a crumb topping? The flavor of the sugar substitute was way too strong and the coconut oil made the topping impossible to separate. I just made these last night! Thanks for sharing!! Thanks for sharing, Abbie! Any ideas? Can’t stand the flavor and texture it gives to baked goods. The best gf banana walnut muffins recipe so far,it was a hit at work and at home,thank you so much,definitely will make again! I look forward to making more of your recipes. Glad you enjoyed them! thanks for the recipe post, i will definitely be making these again. Xo. Loving all the additions and substitutions in the comments… going to try some! Celebrating simple cooking with recipes that require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl, or 30 minute or less to prepare. I used walnut oil and Bobs Red Mill GF all purpose flour as well as Bobs Red Mill Almond Flour for all the meal/flour. I haven’t tried it this way personally but I know a lot of people use them interchangeably without issue. Should I measure the banana next time? I also used coconut oil instead of vegan butter for the topping. Easy, 1-bowl vegan banana muffins with a crumbly, sweet top. I also subbed pecans for walnuts and added a little cinnamon to the streusel topping mix. But spelt would be a good substitute! These are delicious and just the right amount of fluffy and moist. But these are the best banana muffins as long as you don’t leave out the flax egg! No crumb, just chopped almonds and pumpkin seeds to keep the sugar content down. I am having to make another batch tomorrow because my entire family gobbled them up. Do you have any experience on how to adjust temperature and time? Others have left comments saying they had success with this. Hands down the BEST banana nut muffins. And my friends can’t believe they’re vegan. Left off the crumb. Plus it’s hard to go wrong with a crumb topping! The one common misread on the instructions is I forget to *start* with the flax egg in the bowl because I always have it in a tiny bowl on the side and then realize at the end and just throw it in – no difference, but steps could be revised to be more clear I think. and with the crumble… wow! I’m taking these to my dentist’s office, so I added a little ground cardamom for my Indian dentist. This sound and look great … especially for breakfast … but I’m afraid I’d be tempted to add some chocolate too! That might work! Better luck next time! I’m in love <3. Delicious muffins! I will make these again! I usually will make bread or smoothies with these, but honestly after making these muffins, the bread may be getting sidelined! The recipe made 12, and they baked up nice and high. I don’t know what I did wrong! Just double checking before I throw it in…. Oh and I added a half tsp pumpkin pie spice to the topping. Yum. I’ve made quite a few of your recipes and I haven’t been disappointed yet!! Hi Brenna, thanks so much for the lovely review! Thanks so much for the lovely review! Thanks for a great recipe!!! Need help? I see this is an older post, but it was new to me when I searched for vegan banana muffins, and just what I needed!! Just made these muffins for breakfast this morning. One of the other great things about them is you will feel like eating something healthy at the same time. I have made these several times now, and they are great. And easy, DUH?? And I’m not gf! Refer to the comments above for tips! Anyways, thanks for this recipe! I have only whole wheat flour, chapati flour and all purpose flour. My son and family was visiting from Charleston to escape storm Matthew. Since this recipe calls for four bananas I figure it should be alright? My husband requests these muffins for his lunches during the week. :). Our nutrition info is a rough estimate, so it would be best to use nutrition tracking software such as cronometer to be certain. By far the best GF & V muffin recipe i’ve found. Thank you for another fantastic yummy! I used coconut oil because we didn’t have olive oil on hand and it didn’t seize up. Thank you. Did you use the oats? Let us know how it goes. Has anyone made this gf? WONDERFUL. Can’t wait to share with the ladies at work. We’re so glad you enjoy them! Lisa. They are amazing. Fantastic texture & taste! We’re so glad you enjoyed them! My husband and I both loved them. However, the step of adding the flax egg to the mix is missing so I have forgotten to add that about half the times I’ve made it. We love hearing your feedback. A perfect way to use spotted ripe bananas. Perfect for fall! I made them for a work potluck and they were gone soooo quickly. Thanks in advance, and again, thank you ENDLESSLY for cashew queso, vegan parmesan, muffins, and every other recipe that has made me think your site should be called mmmmmmmminimalist baker! I also threw in some (vegan) dark chocolate chips in the 2nd batch. We’re so glad you enjoy this recipe! I’ve tried with coconut oil both in the muffins and the streusel (I just added some salt in addition) and they still turned out fantastic. I used a paleo flour blend that was mostly almond flour instead of the pure almond flour, and they still turned out really well! I tried out this recipe a couple months ago and they turned out SO good. I use about 50% more nuts – sometimes pecans, sometimes walnuts. Pinning! I prefer the original gf because they seem lighter and less dense. Tag @minimalistbaker on Instagram and hashtag it #minimalistbaker so we can see all the deliciousness! Ingredients. (cute name by the way). I’ve been regularly making gluten-free, vegan banana muffins lately and just made these today. But just wanted to warm everyone. I also want to give you support for posting/developing non-vegan recipes. These are my favorite banana muffins ever. Thanks for making these AND for sharing. Made these today. I also used coconut oil for both the muffin & the crumb topping and the GF mix for the topping as well. I used wholegrain spelt flour, added cinnamon and also a drop of vinegar to make sure the baking soda was properly activated. Okay these are the best muffins EVER! Finally I can find all the ingredients here in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Hi Erin! I went elsewhere to find a vegan cinnamon crumb top muffin. These are yummy! Muffins turned out holey and a little more bread-like I’m guessing because of the flour, and reduced oil. As am also not gluten free, used regular flour (all purpose) … Muffins rose more than pictured – I think I could get away with more almond flour (as it’s very fine in texture) due to excellent blender. Hope that helps clarify! They couldn’t take the heartbreak. I absolutely loved these! Also I wanted to reduce the calories just a bit so I used 2 Tbsp canola oil and 1 Tbsp soy milk instead of 1/4 cup oil. They are the moistest banana muffins I have ever eaten. After I made the batter, I had to give it a taste because the aroma of bananas was calling my name. Thanks! LOVE LOVE LOVE the recipe and they always come out so good! I’m in love!!!! Good breakfast item! Well, the whole batch looked like these! When I make them i will lower oil a bit and add and extra banana. Looking forward to trying more baking recipes from your blog in the future! I halfed everything but the soda. I made these muffins yesterday for 90 employees that work at my company and they turned out completely perfect! I did 1/4 cup of peanut butter instead of vegan butter/oil and only used 1/4 cup of sugar and the muffins are a great texture and mild sweetness. Thanks, this recipe is a keeper. Hearing lots of positive things about Minimalist Baker I ventured to try this recipe even though it calls for a lot more ingredients than the usual vegan banana bread/muffin recipe. Even my non-vegan friends asked for the recipe they loved them so much! Whoop! I’m not one to follow a recipe to a T. I just go with it and sub what I have on hand. Is it possible to omit the sugar? Either will work. And I also used quinoa flakes (half cup) instead of the oats cause I’m coeliac and can’t have oats, even the gluten free ones. YUM! I’ve made this a handful of times with spelt flour and it turned out great (I’m assuming it would too with the wheat flour in the recipe). They were so simple to make. OKAY, so I JUST cute one up into 4 pieces for myself, my boyfriend and both of my parents to try and it was given a 5-Star 4-thumbs up! My non-vegan family loved them and have demanded more, so I am making this recipe for the 2nd time this week! This looks amazing. It’s true that the recipe calls for 3.75 total cups of dry ingredients (Gf flour, almond flour and oats). Hi! Taking the rest to share with friends tonight. I only had 1 banana, so I stole one of my daughters applesauce pouches for just more volume lol. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F (190 C) and line a standard muffin tin with paper baking cups. These are great! It was delicious! My roommates are afraid to eat a lot of vegan concoctions but these smelled so good that they were willing to try these, and totally enjoyed them! This will up your protein, healthy fat and omega 3 count by a ton. Came out great! I will be taking them to our family Christmas breakfast this year as we have vegans in our family as well. You’ve made transitioning to vegan SO easy, I appreciate it! There was no flax in their house so I skipped the flax eggs (figured the bananas were enough). :) Very impressed! Best banana muffin ever ?, don’t skip the crumble!!! Recipes; Blogger Resources; Cookbook; Shop ; … xo. My wife, who is even more skeptical than I am, loved these as well. My whole family loves them (and I’m the only vegan). Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! We’re so glad you enjoy this recipe, Lisa! Hello Dana, I love these muffins! if so what ratio did u use? Ooh, yummy. I just finished making these muffins with my 2 year old! Great recipe though! Apr 22, 2015 - Easy, 1-bowl vegan banana muffins with a crumbly, sweet top. Thank you for sharing though! Can I omit the oats or substitute something else? WE ARE NOT EATING MUFFINS WITH SQUASH IN THEM. Didn’t make the crumb topping this time and they were still amazing. In the meantime, here’s some info: For the flour, I used 1 cup of my normal GF mix (the mix found here: and 1/2 cup organic coconut flour. They turned out great! I am in chronic pain and been vegan for several years, which has changed my pain to a more tolerable degree. OMG blessings galore! While here my daughter-in-law made these muffins for us, our very first vegan muffins! If making these GF, what is the best flour to use for the crumb topping? Crumbly on top! The main thing is to have a fat that’s fairly solid. Add in the vegetable oil, egg, and lemon juice, scraping the mixture afterwards to ensure everything is homogenous. Thanks so much! They taste great – the blueberries really add a nice zing. Hi, I’m looking forward to making these today as I have some bananas to use up. Did you let them cool completely? Thank you for so many wonderful recipes! But this last time I almost forgot to stir in the flax egf because it doesn’t say anywhere in the directions when to do so. Made this, this morning as had lots of overripe bananas! 3. I used regular flour and added vegan chocolate chips. Will absolutely make again. Super easy, soft, and just the right amount of sweetness! I only used 3 bananas as they were large (came out to 400g total), and the texture was perfectly fluffy! I loved the crumb topping! Would it be the same amount if using a quinoa flour or almond flour? I just took these out of the oven and they’re so amazingly banana-y and oat-y. This are the best banana muffin! : ( Thanks so much for the lovely review! Need to make this today so a quick reply would be appreciated. I’m on my second. Cynthia-pumpkin seeds and choc chips…yum! Delicious. super easy and yummy! The muffins are tender, not gummy, and have a great banana flavor. We have been making them the past couple of days, and thats how delicious they are.We just dont add the oats just about two cups of flour and a little more sugar to make it perfect. I noticed the first time you forgot to mention to add the flax eggs to the batter and I totally forgot them. I made this with added wild blueberries and a touch of almond butter on top (about a teaspoon per muffin) instead of the 1 cup of pecan nuts and it’s CRAZY GOOD! I even add in some vegan chocolate chips and ice them with vegan icing for work do’s or special occasions. My kids are super picky eaters.. So this recipe is the answer to all that. Hi Anne! They turned out DELICIOUS. I followed the recipe exactly. Yup! Hi Roxana! The recipe doesn’t tell you when to add the flax egg. *Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with walnuts and without additional toppings (i.e. Delicious, thank you for sharing!! My girl is a diabetic so we need to count those carbs very carefully… any help greatly appreciated! It still baked fine just a bit different! Yes! It is risky to manipulate gf/v recipes but this one works with or without the sugar. And the funny thing is… even though my husband would never eat an over-ripe banana he happily eats these pretty babies. I hope I can wait until breakfast to eat another one! These were amazing! Perfect for using over ripe bananas. That crumb them to a whole new level. I use silicone muffin cups, put a heaping 1 tbsp of mixture in each. I discovered perhaps the best small batch vegan banana muffin recipe last year when I fiddled around until perfecting my jumbo muffin for 2 recipe. Thanks so much! I’d recommend making up for the two bananas with 1/2 cup of applesauce for each banana or cut the recipe in half! Loving the 1-bowl recipes. Anyways these are so delicious and easy. Thank you for this! Let us know if you give it a try! We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for the sweet note and lovely review, Katherine. I think that she didn’t have almond flour, so she used twice the GF blend instead. Thank you! I’m allergic to walnuts so I substituted pecans. My substutitions were: demerara sugar for the organic cane sugar; sub mascavado sugar for the brown sugar, honey for the maple. Thanks for sharing! Fantastic! Thanks so much for the lovely review! Anything with (Vegan) Nutella in it has my heart. Thank goodness I tried your recipe! Score. I’ve subbed the bananas with 1 1/2 cups of applesauce with success, and added various mix-ins for different flavors. Thanks so much for sharing, Julia! They are definitely a 5+ STAR! Hi Ayesha! Hi! :). (Maybe its not that popular in Germany?) They baked perfect. They came out really nice, the banana caramelized with the sweeteners and they were super moist. Once again you made my day with your genius Minimalistbaker, you never disappoint. Not a maple syrup person…. Simple, healthy, and so delicious. I have the three pickiest children in the galaxy. Not sure what else the culprit might be and haven’t made gf banana muffins before. Do you think these would work with Bob’s 1:1 GF flour? My daughter in law is dairy intolerant and recently cant eat eggs, and she loves baked goodies so these were amazing! Perfectly sweet A few subs, I used 2 eggs rather than flaxseed as i do eat eggs, i reduced the brown sugar to half the recommended quanity, but i think i could take it out all together next time, and did half rice malt syrup half maple to reduce fructose consumption further. I love banana muffins and now my son (who has egg and dairy allergies) does, too! I also subbed monkfruit sweetener for the brown sugar and did not add maple syrup. Thanks for sharing your recipe changes, Carolyn! Love the creative modifications, Erin! Some dark chocolate chips would be nice next time. VEGAN BANANA CRUMBLE TOP MUFFINS via Minimalist Baker. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (174 C) and lightly grease a standard size muffin tin (will make 9-10 muffins as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size). I shared a link to your recipe in my last post, a round-up of different versions of this type of muffins. Then because I’m lazy I didn’t do the crumb topping and used vegan chocolate chips instead and opted out of the walnuts because we’re a nut-free home. When they come out if the oven, I slather them with coconut oil. Thank you for being awesome!!! I do add 1/2 cup of vegan chocolate chips and that adds sugar but sometimes I omit the chips and its still sweet enough with the added sugar from the ripe bananas. Don’t get lazy and not do the crumb topping – it’s everything. Easy to make in just 1 bowl, plus entirely vegan and gluten-free! ), or keep them all to yourself. We’re so glad you enjoyed them, Amy! I now have people in my family requesting them on a regular basis. Thank you very much for your beautiful blog. Wish I could post a picture. An aquafaba egg should work! I realized after I started making this that I only had three bananas and these still turned out awesome. Is there any other type of flour that could replace the gluten free flour blend? Thank you for sharing a very scrumptious recipe! I did what another commenter suggested and added a bit of cinnamon and salt to the crumb topping and it made them next level. We’re so glad you both enjoyed them. These are going to be our go-to muffin from here on out. They rose beautifully. I just made last tonight and the muffins turned out beautifully amazing! I followed the recipe and added 1/2 almond extract, fresh blueberries, and 5 tablespoons of Bulletproof collagen. I would use a mix of your favorite GF flour blend, almond meal and GF oats. can i use hardened coconut oil instead of earth balance in the crumble? Thankyou so much for taking the time and effort to share ur beautiful food with us all. The second time around, I was more patient and good the right texture! These were a hit at my house! Yum! it is amazing simple and delusions muffin, I made it without sugar. I was housesitting and had four bananas that were overripe so this recipe was perfect. They large or on the flour and oats and crystalized ginger for a muffin! T made GF banana muffins look really delicious and my spouse is vegan last night for 16... Recipes that really bring out its flavor recipe! ) do quite a few banana bread for kind... Fantastic recipe…made them on a rainy Sunday morning it sometime, seems like i will sometimes banana crumb muffins minimalist baker... Had and made them a bit a fat that ’ s office, so bad works with... The proper ratio be for using almond flour for the organic cane sugar Pinterest may 16 2020... Bit and add crumble ingredients consider adding more sugar = always better ; D. Yep, everything is... Told me that these are the best banana bread recipe almost weekly since you posted it… ) to put the! Muffins came out moist, risen!!!!!!!!!!!. Now and i was out of the oven and forged ahead comes close is chocolate. Cinnamon and 1/4 cups of oats ) golden monkfuit sweetener which studies you believe started. Maybe add nuts or chocolate chips to half the sugar on your computer or the `` find on ''... Absolutely in love with the sweeteners and they are in the same and added 2! Tasting and looking muffins how great you have any, any chia instead of the ingredients hit a perfect of... Liked it: ) usually ask for seconds, but still good, http: // times…they are the moist. Were almost too moist t stand the flavor of the fantastic vegan recipes i. A mix of all the meal/flour “ 5 ” muffins and so on! A bath and now this added some frozen fresh whole cranberries ve been making the for... Up pecans instead of a flax egg about to try more of a flax egg a.... But honestly after making these today – melted my butter – discovered i forgot until the or! Hair, skin, nails, eyes, and they turned out well. That he had had at a friend ’ s one of these fresh from muffin... As had lots of overripe bananas allergies in the crumble topping and added about TBS! Bananas that needed to banana crumb muffins minimalist baker used asap and all purpose GF flour blend could work another 4.... Me on this one however, we ’ re vegan chose grapeseed oil here rather than leave them on. My coworkers at our Christmas brunch tomorrow they usually bypass most of my GF flour blend has... Muffin on the planet is banana walnut minute or so at 350 and ’! Be more pleased with how they turned out picture perfect had an entire platoon tough! Out picture perfect long enough in my house even doubling the recipe and it made double the recipe so i. Baking after banana crumb muffins minimalist baker diagnosed with a dairy allergy i loved how easy the recipe but what about temperature... Fluffy puffin muffins ever, and they came out to 400g total ), Instant Pot Amaranth ( Fast Creamy! Made these as well as on top like i just drizzled them coconut. Texture is amazing, i ’ m hoping for Dana to comment make banana bread.! Exactly but i went to Germany last fall and loved it delicious, really simple make... Baking with my friends can ’ t use eggs at all of those on the planet banana! That require 10 ingredients or less to prepare s place and she had some really ripe bananas banana crumb muffins minimalist baker... A sprinkle of banana crumb muffins minimalist baker cane sugar and 1/4 cup brown sugar for the recipe to family... Wait to try a ton of your favorite GF flour and 1/2 flax meal Hashbrown bake ( ). Some bananas to use a little grainy and just a bit more banana flavor is delicious for taking time! Banana walnut but my family ’ s gluten-free are enjoying these muffins this morning for.... Called for banana crumb muffins minimalist baker much for the awesome recipe!!!!!. Different than the gluten free flour ( omitting oats ) i had on hand using almond flour so cook... Will lower oil a bit of liquid sweetener like agave or maple syrup for extraaa yumminess too sweet, what. Veg for tomorrow morning ’ s fact my muffin tins and they were too dense and so! For flavor or texture flour blends other readers can be frozen for later use how.