Our motivation to be involved in Humanitarian work is premised on the fact as youths we are the most energetic part of the population, we believe that we are part of the solution in solving humanitarian crises in a sustainable way. We have the time to spare, energy to utilise and ambitious towards problem solving. Our humanitarian intervention does not distinguish between the young and the old, we are there as a bridge between the resources providers and the needy.

As the Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Organisation we have branched our humanitarian work into 2 main categories

  1. Short-term interventions
  2. Medium-Long term interventions

Short-term interventions

In this category we are mainly focused in addressing the immediate needs of a community. Our communities are faced with a diverse set of challenges at any given period of time and a timely intervention will be required, below is part of our short-term interventions

  1. Food-pack distribution
  2. Ramadan aid
  3. Qurbani aid
  4. Akika/ Sadaqah meat distribution
  5. Winter warmth distribution
  6. Disaster emergency aid

Medium-Long term interventions

As an organisation we have high concern towards sustainable intervention in a bid to minimise the challenges facing the vulnerable Muslims in Zimbabwe. The interventions include:

  1. Education support
  2. Orphan and widow support
  3. Health and awareness
  4. Waqf endowments
  5. Capacity building and livelihood empowerment