It should be noted that the youths and women constitute the majority qualitatively and quantitatively (i.e. in terms of population density and activeness) so by empowering the youths & women we will be empowering the largest population of the Ummah. Therefore faced with the above factors ,ZMYO wishes to embark on a holistic approach in empowering the youth so that they are not beggars:-

  • Create a Job Database for the Youth and Help them get employed.
  • Entrepreneurship training for the youth
  • Provision of startup kits – Offer financial assistance to those who are already in business and
    need assistance to boast up.
  • Initiate projects for self-reliance and sustainable development for starters.
  • The following projects are some that the Organisation has offered before
  1. Candle Making
  2. Cake making
  3. Dishwasher making
  4. Peanut butter making
  5. Sewing and tailoring